Dec 8th, 2017, 08:32 PM

A Guide to Event Hoping at AUP

By Ian Tillotson
Image credit: Peacock Magazine
Learn the three-step process to conquer your favorite university activity!

So, you think you (yes, I'm talking to you) can event hop like a professional? You think you can quietly slip in and out of events at the Combes building filling yourself with as much cheese and wine as you can and get away without getting called out? Well, it's not as easy as it looks, kid. There's an art to the Combes event hop, and I'm here to whip you amateur drinkers into professional drunks. So sit back and take notes, because I'm only giving this advice once. I'm going to use the events of December 1st as an example. 

Step One: Plan Ahead. 

This sounds simple enough but it's the difference from leaving with only a glass or two and a sense of shame, and going through two bottles courtesy of AUP and leaving with a good buzz and pride. Where I started was with the AUP Wine Society event. Wine is even in the name, therefore they are always a good place to start. They know you're mostly there for the wine, and maybe, for once, you can learn about something you care about. The event I went to started at 7 pm and the Wine Society had guest Emille Mendes de Lyon to present two white wines and two red wines. You could get good wine and get educated. All in all, it's a good way to understand the beauty of the sport for once.

Step Two: Find a Bigger Event

Image Credit: Peacock Magazine

These are harder to come by, but using my December 1st example, I hit the jackpot. For those who weren't in the know, the Peacock Magazine launched that day, and there was a big shindig hosted by Student Media. Parties such as these, hosted in the Amex, there have been issues with lack of alcohol supply. This time, however, there was oh so much wine available, and boy did I take advantage of it. There were also little hors-d'œuvres available, and as most of you should know by now, food helps you last longer.

Step Three: Enjoy 

Considering the lots of free wine was available, thanks to Peacock Magazine's excellent planning, it is easy to complete the final step. To get the most of your event hopping sport, it is good to find a big event that's… you know… nice to be in. The Peacock Magazine launch party was good for that. There was a speech by head editor Stuart Edwards and flowers were passed around- overall a good atmosphere. After that, a lot of people left, even though there was more wine about (the cowards, the fools!) 

The last piece of advice, you want to find events like these for your event crawl. You want busy events to drift from event to event and get your tuition's worth of free booze and food. Engaging in the AUP event crawl sport helps to understand what the fuss is with AUP.