• AUPRadio Episode 34: November 14

    On this show we once again have "Cryptic Delphic," "Climate Conversation," and "You've Been Served," as well as another song by student musician, Desislava Petrova.  Want to listen live ? We are on air every weeknight from 9 pm to 10 pm. on your desktop... check out the new RADIO tab on Peacock Plume ! on the go... download the WRP app. Interested in being on the radio ? Contact us: asm_radio@aup.edu

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  • New from Peacock Play

    Almost half a year after the Notre Dame de Paris burst into flames, the effects of the fire are still being felt by those living around the cathedral. The Marie de Paris ...

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  • Student spotlight photo

    Atelier des Lumières – The Face of an Artist

    Photo by : Jackson Vann