• Mental Health: A Discussion

    AUP students dig deep on depression.

  • Who Are The Senior Speaker Candidates?

    Meet the current candidates running for Senior Speaker Spring 2019 Graduation. Peacock Plume's Chanet Smith sat down with candidates: Oliver Henry, Stuart Edwards, and Leona Caanen, to get an understanding of their backgrounds, interests, and future plans after AUP. Hear how they'll potentially represent the graduating class.

  • AUP's New Library

    Anis Anghel sits down with AUP's librarian Jorge Sosa to discuss the opening of the new Life and Learning Centre at 69 Quai d'Orsay. Tune in to find out more about student resources and how to navigate the library and the new building.

  • College Admissions Scandal

    Matthias Cloppenburg and Séamus Malekafzali discuss the recent College Admissions Scandal. The two Plume reporters speak about the scale of involvement of the accused parents, and speculate on whether or not their charges will result in convictions.

  • Brexit 101

    Matthias Cloppenburg and Séamus Malekafzali discuss the Northern Irish Border issue, the new road for Scottish independence, the failures of Brexit and how Europe will negotiate with the Brexit issue. Listen for a Brexit breakdown.

  • Les Dépaysants: AUP's New Visual Magazine

    Learn about AUP's new visual, online-based magazine. Peacock Plume's Leo Tow and Leila Roker sat down with Les Dépaysants' two Editors-in-Chief, Antonio Martinez and Maddie Czarnik. If you're interested in photography or visuals, learn how you can participate in this new cutting-edge magazine.

  • The Venezuelan Crisis

    Alejandra Lopez invites two Venezuelan friends to discuss the current humanitarian and economic crisis that Venezuela is living. Tune in to find out how to help!

  • Bibliotherapy #2: Globalism and Nationalism

    Charnice Goldsborough's podcast compares the recent rise in Nationalist politics to Globalism with a look towards current events.

  • Image Credit: Konstantin Dyadyun/Unsplash


    Charnice Goldsborough believes literature can be truly therapeutic. Sometimes reading a poem, short story or book can put into words what you have been feeling but was not able to articulate.