Lockdown. Image credit: Unsplash.
A lesson on all of the things not to do during confinement.
Published 17 hours 19 min ago by Lauren Nanes
One of the several Friends Thanksgiving episodes. Image Credit: NBC
If you're a television fanatic wanting to get into the Thanksgiving holiday spirit, this list is for you.
Published 3 days 14 hours ago by Rebecca Le Goff
Haricot Vert bag. Image credit: Haricot vert.
Eco-fashion campaigner Livia Firth warns that the coronavirus crisis is the fashion industry's wake-up call to change.
Published 5 days 12 hours ago by Maria Atallah
In 15 days, Central America has been hit with two Category 4 hurricanes, affecting over 2 million people and leaving devastation in their wakes.
Published 5 days 17 hours ago by Sofia Quintero
How my favorite bakery broke up with me on Instagram
Published 1 week 11 hours ago by Hania Abouelmakarem
Here are four stress-free natural stones that will help you face the end of this difficult semester
Published 1 week 13 hours ago by Annelyse Gaston-Carrere
Bringing French friends to the Thanksgiving table
Published 1 week 13 hours ago by Vivian Stuart
Going home for the second time.
Published 1 week 1 day ago by Thalia Weissman
President Macron. Image credit: Paul Kagame on Creative Commons.
President Macron's "anti-separatism" bill to fight Islamist radicalization raises concerns over divisiveness and questions over whether there are ulterior motives at play.
Published 1 week 1 day ago by Lauren Nanes
Police yelling at migrants in Saint-Denis suburb. Image credit: Brut Official on Instagram.
French police forcibly dismantled an illegal camp in Saint-Denis and loaded buses with asylum seekers to be taken to temporary shelters.
Published 1 week 1 day ago by Lauren Nanes