Oct 6th, 2015, 05:59 PM

Aup Yoga and Roots & Shoots Come Together

By Keilimeilani Trahan-McCarthy
(Image Credit: Keili Trahan)
Two AUP service clubs bond over flow and common values

What happens when two service oriented clubs come together for a walk in the park?  Fresh air,  philanthropic philosophy and free yoga, that's what!  Aup Yoga Club and Roots&Shoots collaborated for their first meeting at the Bois de Vincennes.  The 30 minute metro ride outside of Paris didn't seem so bad as we sat and flowed beneath the trees, the sun shining colorfully through the autumn leaves.

(Image Credit: Keili Trahan)

Two clubs have never meshed so well.  The Roots&Shoot works with environmental, humanitarian and human rights issues.  They've held bake sales to raise money for schools in India, Clothing Drives, City cleanups, and have collected toletries for the Syrian refugees.  Although Aup Yoga is asana-based, the altruistic princibles of the Roots&Shoots align with those of Karma Yoga or "selfless service".  

Following the meeting, my co-instructor Kota Helena Parrish and I took turns teaching and adjusting students to a beginner Vinyasa Sequence.  This type of yoga emphasizes breath-to-movement posture, using Ujayii or "ocean breath", to increase focus and to get deeper into postures.  We also showed the importance of maintaining the Uddiyanabandha, "Abdonimal core lock" throughout practice to develop the core muscles and protect the spine.  

We set our intention as gratitude for the beautiful nature and sunlight, which complemented our flow quite nicely.  When we are tackling our week, lagging behind it our obligations, deadlines, and appointments, we sometimes forget to let go and embrace beauty in its natural form: our bodies and nature itself.  Once we are on our mat, it all comes back to us and our perspective becomes unclouded by these meticulous responsibilities.  


The Yoga Club holds classes three times a week, teaching from beginner to more advanced levels.  Click here for contact info and updates.