Apr 24th, 2024, 04:00 PM


By Molly Eklund and Jacob Shropshire
Image Credit: Molly Eklund
SGA Ends the Semester on a Bubbly Note

Today’s senate session, a culmination of an eventful semester, was a testament to the senators' hard work and dedication. The atmosphere was jubilant as they successfully passed their final budget requests, elected members of the graduation speaker panel, and raised a toast to the semester's fruitful conclusion. 

The Senate elected Chris P. and Hana H. as the senators' representatives to the graduation speaker panel, which will eventually choose the graduation speakers. The panel comprises three senators, the provost, a faculty representative, and a representative from the communications office.

The ballots for executive positions for SGA are open until this Friday, April 26th, at 3p.m. Students are highly encouraged to vote, and they can do so by clicking here. 


The budgetary proceedings commenced with a proposal by Fiona Schlumberger. She requested €400 to support the Symposium on Fashion Communication for Socio-Ecological Transformation, a student-led initiative that fostered networking and knowledge exchange in the field. The Senate recognized the importance of this event and fully funded it.

The Senate received a slew of other last-minute requests from students. Ally P. requested €320 for a conference held at Cambridge on the UNHCR’s Faith for Rights framework, Nicolas C. requested €875 for an end-of-year lunch for Human Rights and Data Science Master’s students and alumni, Delaney C. on behalf of ReSisters requested €291 for a bouquet-making event, Hana H. requested €500 for additional printing fees and a launch party for the Paris Atlantic magazine, and Chloe C. requested €876 for a UN youth forum she attended in New York. 

All of the budgets passed unanimously, with senators contributing €300 from their individual senator budgets to cover the requests that exceeded the club's budget total. 

End of Year Celebration

(Image Credit: Molly Eklund)

Before the prosecco bottles were popped, Ariana P. expressed her gratitude to fellow senators, saying that working with them was the best part of the process this semester. Hana H. said her favorite part of being in Senate this semester was planning an open mic night for the comparative literature department, saying, “It was a lot of fun and had a great turnout… it was a great opportunity to get to know some more of my constituents and bring everyone together and just revel in the arts.” Delaney C. found it rewarding to watch senators develop leadership skills throughout the semester. 

The session and semester concluded with a festive vibe, great snacks, and a sense of accomplishment. Megan S., the graduate vice president, rounded out the meeting by giving a hearty thanks to all for making this a great year.

“I want to thank you guys for making this a good year,” she said.