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The Peacock Magazine is a print magazine produced once a semester by a team of student journalists and photographers. Guided by student editors and a professional faculty advisor, the Peacock Magazine seeks to represent a diverse and international youth culture in Paris through long-form op-ed and investigative pieces, with a focus on a variety of topics that range from global politics to food and fashion. Made up of a diverse staff, Peacock Magazine adds a global voice and perspective to the print media world in Paris and beyond.

Check out the latest copies of Peacock Magazine in digital format here.

Being a part of the Peacock Magazine staff means gaining real-world experience in the art of magazine production, from design and layout to writing, editing, interviewing, and investigative skills. While the Peacock Magazine does accept freelance submissions, students are encouraged to take the magazine workshop course, Journalism Practicum, (CM1851).


The Plume is a time-sensitive news site that covers current events on the AUP campus, in Paris, and across the world. Staff writers come from a diverse variety of global backgrounds and report in English on a wide array of current events spanning from politics and news to arts and culture. Relevant, current, and hard-hitting, The Plume adds a dynamic international voice to an increasingly powerful digital news community. Guided by student editors and faculty advisors, The Plume staff works to ensure a consistent flow of dynamic content to the AUP community and beyond.

Freelance work is accepted, although students are strongly encouraged to take the Digital Journalism workshop, Digital Journalism Practicum (CM1851). Students will learn the art of digital journalism, including relevant technical skills, social media management, and journalistic writing and research skills.


Peacock Play is a broadcast journalism platform that produces dynamic video content several times a week. Peacock Play provides visual support to Peacock Magazine and the Peacock Plume in the form of in-depth interviews, investigative reports, and artistic videography. Peacock Play is an essential visual component to the effectiveness and relevance of Peacock Media, giving readers a look into the Peacock world—on campus, in Paris and beyond. Reporters represent a diversity of international backgrounds and worldviews and report in English to the AUP and Parisian communities.

Those interested in learning the basics of broadcast journalism and video production should sign up for (CM1091) Video Production: Peacock Play in order to gain real-world, hands-on experience in a professional setting.

See the group’s videos on YouTube.


The student-led Executive Board is responsible for facilitating communication between media sources, ensuring that our Peacock Plume media group maintains a positive sense of community with an efficient working environment. We meet once a week on Wednesdays (4:55PM - 6:15PM) to organize and plan everything from marketing strategies and events to the future direction of the organization.

We’re always looking for new members to join us. Come develop and refine valuable skills—and have fun. Positions are open to anyone looking to learn journalism, business, marketing, communications, graphic design, film, or photography. 

Editorial and administrative positions are open to all applicants each semester. 

Apply for a position, enroll in a student media workshop or contact us: