Mar 9th, 2016, 05:27 PM

Student Media Open House

By Shalise Barnes
Image credit: Shalise Barnes
What better way to bring students together than through free food and wine.

All facets of AUP's student media came together Wednesday March 9th, to host the entire student body for the ASM Open House. The AUP student media group consists of the Plume online news class, the Peacock Magazine class, PTV video, the Fashion Journalism class, an editorial opinion class and features contributions from Journalism II students. Each class has an Editor-in-Chief as well as a deputy editor who all come together each Wednesday to form The Board, led by Kevin Fore and Matthew Fraser.

This past Wednesday, all of the editors scurried home after the board meeting to eat a quick dinner, before all convening at AUP to carry cases of wine and decorate for the event. Students from all fields came to enjoy the ambience and learn more about AUP's student media group. 


Image credits: Shalise Barnes