Oct 31st, 2015, 07:44 PM

Visit Paris's Very Own Cat Café

By Christina Gregory
Fine dining with cats. Image Credit: Takashi Hososhima via Flickr
Life can be difficult for a student, but Paris offers the perfect form of stress relief: cat cafés!

Located in the third arrondissement of Paris, you can find a cosy café that offers not only delicious food but also the company of a dozen felines. When you first walk into Le Café des Chats, you'll have to enter quickly, as the mischievous cats are sometimes tempted to run out of the café. After entering, you will be told the general rules of the cafe in order to respect the cats, as the café is not a place where these cats are temporarily kept, but their home.

The café is quaint. Cats lounge around the small space, some sleeping on the plush sofas, some playing and interacting with eager costumers, while others are seen swiftly running across the space finding their own hiding places. Every table seems to be filled, which makes sense, as reservations are necessary for a table or couch. 

Image Credit: Christina Gregory

Le Café des Chats opened in 2013, and it was the first to bring the combination of café and cats together in Paris. The trend is simular to the cat cafés that are well known in Taiwan and Japan. Visitors at Le Café Des Chats can enjoy tea, coffee, and pastries, and even lunch, brunch, and wine.

Image Credit: Christina Gregory

Each cat at Le Café des Chats is unique in look and personality. You can even get to know each cat individually: just look for the posters with the name of each cat and a short description of their adoption story. Not only can you enjoy your time chatting among friends and family while petting the felines, but you can feel good doing it. Each cat at Le Café des Chats was rescued from either the streets of Paris or from owners who did not want continue caring for them. In addition, for each item you choose off the menu, a portion of the price goes towards caring for the 12 cats, while another portion is donated towards feline protection in Paris.

Le Café des Chats offers the perfect combination for a café experience: good food, furry feline companions, and a charitable aspect to top it all off. 

Image Credit: Christina Gregory

Les Café des Chats

16 rue Michel Le Comte

75003 Paris