Nov 4th, 2015, 09:24 PM

Doggie Dopplegangers

By Pixie McLaughlin
A dog and his woman. Image Credit: Bianca Tanchay
Whether it be the hair color, the attitude, or even the way they walk, these furry friends have taken to their owners so much so that they even begin to resemble them.

The fascination with dog to owner resemblance is nothing new to social media. Hilarious photos of people with their dogs have gone viral on multiple social media platforms. The popularity of these pictures even led to conducting official experiments testing if there really is a similarity and if so, why. Sadahiko Nakajima, a researcher at Japan's Kwansei Gakuin University conducted an experiment to test what it is that makes man's best friend resemble their owner, and apparently, it's all in the eyes.

Thankfully, this dog-owner resemblance phenomenon is no exception here in Paris, and even better, there are pictures to prove it. Hopefully now as you walk to class or work and you see a doggie doppleganger, at the very least you can get a good laugh.

Maylar (left) and Jean-Paul (right). 

Stella (left) and Wen (right).

"She never wants to sit still."

Beatrice (left) and Claire (right).

Laya (left) and Chantelle (right).

Coco (left) and Maximilian (right).

"I knew Coco was destined for big things."

Mia (left) and Andrea (right).

Sarl (left) and Admiral (right).

"He thinks he is a much bigger dog and guards the door all day."

Photography by Pixie McLaughlin.