Nov 10th, 2015, 10:48 PM

Paris/Atlantic: AUP's Creative Arts Outlet

By Melissa Monique Halabe
The cover of Paris/Atlantic 2015 edition. Image Credit: Paris/Atlantic
A look into AUP's creative arts scholarly journal.

Paris/Atlantic is one of many student-run mediums at the American University of Paris, focusing on both textual and visual creative pieces. The scholarly journal is published once a year during the spring semester. In each edition, AUP students and faculty, as well as contributors outside of AUP, are encouraged to submit creative works, whether that be through photography and art, screenplays and lyrics, poetry, essays, codes, and anything else that's been tucked away and is ready to make an appearance.

"There aren't any requirements or checklists that we go through as editors," Co-Editor-in-Chief Alfredo Renteria says. "We don't really look for anything thematically or stylistically. What we look for are pieces that are challenging, nuanced, contradictory." The group also accepts submissions in all formats. 

Paris/Atlantic aims to depict the complex universe of art and emotion through a diverse collection of perspectives, meaning that the content is not limited to contributors interested in the humanities. "This year, I'd like to reach more students and faculty from outside of the creative arts," Renteria says. "Some of the most fantastic pieces I've seen are from students in business, communications, politics."

Image Credit: Paris/Atlantic

This year's edition is currently in progress and accepting submissions. If interested, all written works should be submitted by e-mail to by December 18th, the first day of winter break. Calls for art submissions will continue after winter break.

Image Credit: Paris/Atlantic

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