Nov 15th, 2023, 09:00 AM

Vinted Has an Algorithm

By Kaetanno Fernandes
Vinted order featuring Jaded jeans and Ontisuka sneakers from Vinted (Image credit: Kaetanno Fernandes)
Here's how to use it to your thrifting advantage.

Confession of a shopaholic, shopping is life. Especially when you're raised in the American capitalist world of online purchases. The thrill of opening a package like it's Christmas morning, and putting on the clothes you just bought the next day—such an incredible feeling. But then again we need to work harder to save the world and even harder to save our bank statements. The solution to these concerns: Vinted. 

Vinted is a second-hand treasure trove of vintage, designer, and streetwear fashion. If you consider yourself a magnet of luck you might even find couture pieces being sold by sellers who don’t know what couture even means. A 30-euro Galliano from the 90’s is like striking gold. To express this luck, you have to do a lot of work browsing and favoriting to boost Vinted's algorithm. 

Upon opening the app the home page is found staring right back at you with bundles, discounts, and Vinted’s recommended items. To a newbie, this screen is going to be an undeniable flop. Three euro blank t-shirts with a little stain here and there, an ugly 70’s print plastered over grandma shirts and even super skinny jeans aren’t always what we are looking for. Don’t let it stop you. Vinted’s Privacy policy states they utilize data to personalize this home feed. Analyzing browsing history, personal preferences, age, gender, and favorite items. This data collection curates recommendations that will turn you into a regular at your closest Chronopost or Mondial Relay pickup corner. Understanding this algorithm will result in the best thrift finds of your life. Here's how to do it. 

Vinted search bar featuring keyword history (Image Credit: Kaetanno Fernandes)

Vinted's search browser will be your best friend. Search for keywords of brands you enjoy, specific items you like in your own closet and specific accessories. These keywords should build an online wardrobe. Think about it this way, your outfits consist of base, layer, and accessories. Utilize this as a foundation for your keywords in relation to your personal style. When looking for a specific brand's style use these brand names in your keywords. Not only will this update your home feed with these items, Vinted will find items of similar style and material that fit into the general basis of what you're looking for. 

Vinted favorite selection (Image Credit: Kaetanno Fernandes)

Pinterest Pins and boards are super fun to make. Especially when using the platform for outfit and consumer inspiration. What sucks about Pinterest is that it's not a shopping platform, it's just an inspo platform. Here's where Vinted comes in. When utilizing the keywords in Vinted's search bar whatever strikes your eye or abides by what you are looking for, favorite it. Although you cannot make different boards on Vinted, the favorites page acts like one. The more you favorite, the better Vinted will be at building a board of personally curated styles, colors, labels, and sizes. 

Vinted home page featuring second-hand clothing.  (Image Credit: Kaetanno Fernandes)

After you favorite an item, the seller will be notified. You might get contacted by the seller or you could contact them yourself. Ask for more pictures or bid a price for the item. Engaging with the platform will help you develop your personal algorithm even more. The more you engage with a specific item, the more it will show up in your recommendations at different prices and qualities. This will boost the items that follow exactly what you think is missing from your wardrobe and have the platform do the work finding you more of what you thought you didn't need. Whats even better than refreshing your wardrobe is using Vinted to recycle whats getting kicked off the team. 

Vinted seller page featuring sold and marked-down items (Image Credit: Kaetanno Fernandes)

You've benched an item in your wardrobe for too long. That coat, shirt, or pair of pants might not suit you anymore. But it most definitely is someone else's cup of tea. Engaging with the platform and selling some of your items is not only good for giving the data of what your wardrobe looks like but it also is really good for the process of saving the bank. Unlike other second-hand platforms, sellers get the full amount they are selling their items for. The buyer pays the extra fees usually taken from the sellers profits. "Girl math" is a problematic concept, except when it comes to Vinted's "discounts" and balances. Selling your clothes gives you a balance to use on the platform (you can also transfer this balance to your bank account) Contacting sellers and bidding on items can get you a "discount" and shipping gets covered by the balance all in one. In "girl math" world this ends up being a win-win. A great discount for the shoppers of the world, and a great trade of one item you've benched to another item that's starting. 

Vinted Jeans Order (Image Credit: Kaetanno Fernandes)

Online thrifting may seem intimidating. There are specific pickup points, shipping in Europe is somewhat of a challenge, and you never really know what you are going to get until the item is physically present. These steps intend to work with Vinted's platform to help you find exactly what you didn't know you needed. Whether that be golden Onitsuka tigers for 12 Euros instead of 160. Or a heavy Carhart jacket for 60 Euros instead of 180. Vinted is iconic. Use it or loose it. Clock in and never clock out.