May 10th, 2021, 03:49 PM

The Ultimate Leg Workout

By Fanny Tluszcz
Image Credit: Alora Griffiths/Unsplash
Feel the burn as you target major muscle groups in this full leg workout

This is a full leg workout for beginner, intermediate or expert lifters. To alter the intensity of the exercise, increase or decrease the weight, sets, reps or rest time. This workout engages all parts of the legs but it is also possible to focus on the hamstrings, quads, glutes and calves with specialized exercises during the week. Consisting of five exercises, it is recommended to perform this set up to three times per week by switching between light weight and heavy weight days. 

For this workout a gym is essential as a barbell, a leg extension machine and dumbbells are needed. However, if you have a barbell and dumbbells and home, then you can easily replace the leg extension machine with another quad dominant exercise. Including stretching and warm up, this exercise should last an hour to an hour and a half. You should always take precautions if you are weight training for more than two hours, especially if you are focusing on the same muscle group for more than three times a week, as you do not want to over strain yourself. 

The Workout

1. Back squat: Four sets of 10

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2. Hip thrust: Four sets of 12

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3. Sumo deadlift: Four sets of 8 

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4. Split squat: Four sets of 10 

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5. Leg extension: Four sets of 10 

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The average person burns between 130 to 250 calories per hour when lifting weights. However, it is your weight along with the intensity and duration of the workout that has the most impact on how many calories you burn during your session. If you'd like to figure out how many calories you've burned, try this specialized calculator!