Mar 3rd, 2017, 11:46 PM

On the Other Side of the Sidewalk

By Kathleen Nixon
Image Credit: Flickr/Rob Sinclair
Paparazzi and voyeurs alike spend hours waiting for celebrities during Fashion Week.

Paris Fashion Week draws the attention of crowds to hotel’s such as the Four Seasons George V, and Prince de Galles, where models, celebrities, and bloggers take refuge from the chaos left behind the revolving doors. If you're lucky, and the weather is good, you can stand there for hours. Some begin and end their day waiting for a glance of fame, others come and go. They manage their schedules, and patience, on the sidewalk, glancing towards the hotels, with their phones on camera, video or snapchat. The doormen usually ask you to wait on the other side of the road, where you won’t disrupt any guests entering or leaving the hotel. You’re nerves become to boil and your excitement explodes every time a van approaches the door. Sometimes you’re disappointed, it’s only another guest arriving to the Four Seasons George V, and other times, your happiness erupts, as body guards hold the crowd while celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Travis Scott and others walk inside, separating their life from yours.

Keenia, 15, French, Student

Image Credit: Kathleen Nixon

Keenia: We’re waiting for Zayn Malik.
How long would you be willing to wait for him? 
(A friend interrupts) 
Friend: Three days!
You would wait three days? What for? 
Keenia: (To) talk, take pictures, hug him! It depends on his mood; we just really want to see him, even if it’s just for a few seconds.

Tara, 14, France,Student

Image Credit: Kathleen Nixon

Who are you waiting for? 
Tara: This is strange, because I don’t know who is here! But I’m waiting because I saw so many people here! I want someone to appear, because I have to go study for a test tomorrow.

Tasnim and Salomé, 16 and 17, France, Students

Image Credit: Kathleen Nixon

Tasnim: We want to see Gigi Hadid! And Kendall!
Salomé interrupts)
Salomé: Even if I know she left the hotel! I just want to see her, so I’ll wait.
And how long have you been waiting here?

Tasnim: Since 11 a.m.
Salomé: Since around 11:30 a.m.
(It was currently 5 p.m.).
And how long would you be willing to wait?
I don’t know! Good question! We wouldn’t mind waiting all day! We just want to see them; it would make us very happy! We’re huge fans.

Kelly and Laurent, 32 and 32, France

Image Credit: Kathleen Nixon

Laurent: We want to see Kristina Bazan, Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid!
And do you want to take a picture with them?
Kelly: I already have a picture, she’s in the Balmain fashion show and she’ll come here after.
How long would you wait? 
Kelly: It depends, we could wait five, four, or three hours. But we also go to the (location of) the fashion shows to see them.

After, Kelly handed me her cellphone and showed me her Instagram, she had pictures with blogger, Kristina Bazan, and celebrities such as, Dakota Johnson.

Image Credit: Kathleen Nixon

Shaima, 15, Ivory Coast, Student

Image Credit: Kathleen Nixon

Shaima: I’m dying to see Kendall, Gigi, and Bella Hadid!
Why do you come to Four Seasons George V? 
Shaima: I want to see them because I came from Africa, just to look at them! Me and my friends came especially for Paris Fashion Week to see the models! We fly back home tomorrow.
And have you been able to see them? 
Shaima: Yes! We have a lot of really good videos! We came here at 11 a.m., then followed them to where their fashion show would be held, and came back here to see them again.
(It was currently 6 p.m.)
Shaima: There’s a twitter account that tell us where the go, we just follow them around Paris. That’s how our days go by.

Nicole, 13, Ireland, Student

Image Credit: Kathleen Nixon

Nicole: I’ve come here for the past two days, I already know their routine, they leave in between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. to their fashion shows, so you’re able to see them exit the hotel.
Do they stop to take pictures? 
Nicole: No, they’re also usually very fast, you see them for approximately five seconds to ten seconds, but it’s worth it.
Why are you so interested? 
Nicole: They’re just so pretty, I want to see them face to face.