Nov 27th, 2017, 06:35 PM

Insta-Worthy Paris Part 2: Color

By Sophia Foerster
Image credit: Sophia Foerster
Colorful Paris spots to capture Instagram photos.

Paris is a remarkable city overflowing with culture and art, but the beige-colored landscape is pretty consistent throughout the twenty arrondissements. However, it is possible to discover unique places which make for colorful scenes, often hidden from the eye of the regular tourist. Photographing these sites don't require any further saturation in Instagram.

Image credit: Jackie Wegwerth

1. Chez Julien

The special bit of every Parisian neighborhood must be the café culture. For instance, at Chez Julien located at 1 Rue du Pont Louis-Philippe, the inviting light and the colorful walls make for a chic background and a good meal. Add a warm filter to accentuate the feeling.

Image credit: Jackie Wegwerth

2. Centre Georges Pompidou

Probably one of the most bizarre buildings in Paris, it stands out against the neutral tones of the city. When the sun shines, you'll find performing artists playing before the brightly colored pipes. Surrounding the neighborhood of Le Marais, there is plenty of graffiti and art which adds to the overall feel. Join in and catch a snapshot of you dancing to some live music.

Image credit: Jackie Wegwerth

3. Graffiti in Châtelet

Châtelet is without a doubt one of the most active and alive neighborhoods in Paris, and artists own it. Between the shops and Christmas lights, there is always room for some spray paint art. It is by far the most colorful thing found within the city.

Image credit: Jackie Wegwerth

4. Rue des Barres

Rue des Barres is hard to locate at first, but worth it when you find it! This tiny street (which resembles an alleyway more than a street) consists of two little cafés and a bunch of colors. For an added pop of primary colors in your feed, snap a pic here.

Image credit: Antoine Popon

5. Moulin Rouge

So, it might not be the 'MOST' unique place in Paris, but the surrounding neighborhood Pigalle is one of the most colorful. Head there at nighttime and watch the neon lights change the whole mood. Pro tip: there's a metro grate in front of the Moulin Rouge that regularly blows up gusts of air. Why not take this moment to get a Marilyn Monroe inspired selfie in front of this historical site? 

Image credit: Jackie Wegwerth

6. Rambuteau Metro

The best thing about Parisian transport is that every metro station is unique. Some have tiles in bronze material, and others are lit up with colorful lights, like Rambuteau off of line 11. It's perfect for an editorial shot of you strutting your stuff on the platform runway.

Image credit: Jackie Wegwerth

7. 59 Rivoli

Anyone who has ever been to this place knows that it's the best place to take selfies. Paint, lights, and installations cover this artist squat in Châtelet, and so the contemporary art found here is sure to elevate your Instagram feed.