Oct 30th, 2017, 01:30 PM

Insta-Worthy Paris

By Sophia Foerster
Image credit: Jacqueline Wegwerth
Unique places to capture Instagram photos in Paris.

With over 800 million Instagram users worldwide, it's hard to find that perfect, unique photo that stands out from all the rest. Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, so when traveling or living here, users will understandably want to share their photo-worthy experiences with their followers (and of course, rub it in their faces a little). But with Eiffel tower selfies and Champs-Elysées shopping pics, it's not surprising that the following will drop after seeing the same thing over and over (and over) again. However, here are some alternatives to make your Instagram Parisian yet unique:

Image credit: Jacqueline Wegwerth

1. Monuments and Churches

While exploring the random neighborhood of Paristhat's when you'll find the real gems. Paris has hundreds of churches and monuments scattered around on what seems to be every block. Whether you're religious or not, churches make for an incredible background with their rich architectural beauty. Instead of choosing Notre Dame, opt for the places people walk past but don't go in. The chapel above is dedicated to King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette and located in a hidden, quiet park at 10 Square de Clignancourt. Add a pop of color against the warm background and you have yourself a sweet-looking selfie.

Image credit: Jacqueline Wegwerth

2. The Aquarium

Paris has a small but really cool aquarium situated just next to Trocadero, across the river from the Eiffel tower at 5 Avenue Albert de Mun. The good thing about taking photos here is that you can capture a clear silhouette with the contrast between the dark room and the large, illuminated fish tanks. Explore the shark tank and experiment with the shapes you can make with your silhouette. It's different from the otherwise light pastels of Paris, and while editing your photo, you can up the blue color to catch the eyes of your followers.

Image credit: Jacqueline Wegwerth

3. City of Light

For every photographer, light is extremely important, and what place better to take photos than in the City of Light? While walking around Saint-Germain, it's easy to find small cafés glowing in the dark and rainy night. It draws the viewer in with the warmth, so posing by a little, unknown restaurant makes you look like you really know Paris. Play with the lights you find and use harsh shadows to compose a unique selfie. 

Image credit: Jacqueline Wegwerth

4. The Seine

Just next to Notre Dame lies the Seine, which hundreds of tourists take pictures of each day—but what tourists rarely do is explore along its cement banks. The steps host large edges that Parisians sit and read on during the summer. If you're feeling brave, a side shot of you reclined on the edges make for an adventurous and relaxed pic. By exploring further under the nearest bridge, it can give you a frog-eye view of Paris, not to mention at night in the summer musicians and dancers energize this area and allow for more than one photo op.

Image credit: Jacqueline Wegwerth

5. Montmartre

Sacré-Cœur often times distracts the passerby from the incredible hidden beauty of Montmartre. Just across from an over-looked park called Parc Square Nader is a long iron fence: the perfect tool for framing a portrait. Dress up, strike a pose, and capture a hint of the Eiffel Tower's silhouette in the background between the fencing. It says 'Paris' without being too on the nose. The stone-studded winding roads lead to several spots like this throughout Montmartre. A full view of Paris is probably the best way to prove you were there.

It's definitely not hard to find a good place to take a photo in Paris; you just have to look away from the gleam of tourism and spot the small details of the city around you. Doors, bridges, and chapels make great framing tools for the Instagram user. Pick one filter and use it throughout your photography to create a cohesive feel. And tag your location to allow future explorers to see the amazing hidden secrets Paris holds.