Oct 24th, 2016, 10:00 PM

The Food Market: Feast Your Eyes on This

By Hind Ngouonimba
Photo credit: Anabel Bachour
An international culinary event on the streets of Paris

On Thursday, October 6, The Food Market, an international culinary festival, was held on the Boulevard de Bastille between metros Couronnes and Menilmontant. The Food Market is an outdoor canteen concept created in 2013 by a group of four women: Virginie Godar, Marie Papillon, Marianne Artigue and Lea Manrique. These women all bonded over their passion for food, and created the event to reflect that.

Photo Credit: Anabel Bachour

The event takes place in both Paris and Lyon. The capital has the honor of welcoming the event for two Thursdays a month, while Lyon hosts the event one Saturday a month. The creators of the event wanted to give Parisians the chance to try food from a multitude of countries, right in their hometown. At The Food Market, 20 stalls feature cuisines from every corner of the world: France, the Persian Gulf, Germany, Guadeloupe, Mexico, Vietnam and more.

The Food Market staff choose to hold the event in the street to create a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. The ambience was convivial and good-natured, with music, garlands of lights and picnic benches. People and vendors were dancing in the street as food was served and eaten! The number of people present amazed me–I had the chance to interact with people from Italy, Germany, Spain, Arabic countries and anglophone nations.

Photo Credit: Hind Ngouonimba

This celebration is a fantastic experience for food lovers, as the event is very inexpensive–you can get a copious amount of food for less than ten euros. Additionally, the vendors are very friendly and will happily tell you all about their food and its origin!

Photo Credit: Anabel Bachour

The Food Market is scheduled to go through August 2017, and I strongly recommended to you go visit. You will not be disappointed; everything is present to have the perfect evening. The next Food Market is being held November 3, followed by November 17 and December 8–so bon appetit!