Mar 22nd, 2024, 12:00 PM

The Cookie Monster Comes to Paris

By Caroline Rispoli
Image Credit: Caroline Rispoli
Meet the storefronts selling everyone's favorite treat.

What makes the perfect cookie? AUP juniors Leen Al Daqqaq and Lucia Rubio say it must be "gooey" and "very sweet with chocolate chips." Eva Haber, a self-proclaimed cookie enthusiast, picks a cookie that's "a little salty." Aine Friel, an AUP senior, sums it up by stating, "It has to leave me wanting more." The subjectivity behind the humble cookie is clear. 

Considering that the Cookie Monster and I share a preferred food group, I assumed his persona, stepped into his paws, and took on his appetite in pursuit of the best cookies in Paris.

Puffy Cookies 

65 Rue Condorcet, 75009 Paris 

Puffy’s first Parisian establishment in the 9th arrondissement is serving New York-style cookies with flavors to delight your sweet tooth: Triple Chocolate, Matcha, Peanut Butter, White Chocolate Macadamia, and more.

Image Credit: Caroline Rispoli

I selected a classic dark chocolate cookie. Here’s what you need to know:

Texture: On a scale of 1 (practically raw) to 10 (crisp and crunchy), this cookie is a 2.   

Size: Thickness of a hockey puck, and width of my palm. 

Chips or chunks: Chunks, which are evenly dispersed throughout the dough. 

A strong comparison can be drawn between Puffy and New York's infamous Levain Bakery. If you're searching for an American-style treat in Paris (in terms of a lack of regard for portion control), you've found the right place.

My best tip? Microwave your cookie, as recommended by Puffy, for 10-15 seconds and enjoy that melt-in-your-mouth moment. 



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61 Rue du Temple, 75004 Paris 

Led by Executive Chef Gabrielle Coste, who trained in classic French patisserie at Institut Paul Bocuse, Crème puts a French twist on American cookie classics.

Image Credit: Caroline Rispoli

I selected a triple chocolate cookie. My thoughts:

Texture: In French fashion, this cookie has the characteristics of a pastry. The dough is less dense and more cake-like in texture. The outer edges are super crispy. On a scale of 1 (practically raw) to 10 (crisp and crunchy), this cookie is a 5. 

Size: Another hockey puck in Paris! 

Chips or Chunks: Chips, caramelized on the outside and smooth on the inside. 



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184 Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris 

Spread throughout the city but conveniently accessible to AUP students on Rue de Grenelle, Noir is a minimalist cafe that roasts its own beans just outside Paris and offers a variety of baked goods including cookies and loaves. It's the perfect pit-stop for the student in need of an energy infusion and a mid-day snack. 

Image Credit: Caroline Rispoli

I selected a classic chocolate chip cookie. Here's the rundown:

Texture: This cookie is chewy and doughy, with flakey sea salt sprinkled on top. On a scale of 1 (practically raw) to 10 (crisp and crunchy), it's a 4. 

Size: Your standard cookie that would fit comfortably on a small tea saucer. 

Chips or Chunks: Chunks, though the chocolate-to-dough ratio favors the dough.

Love Juice Bar 

176 Rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris  

This cozy, vegan and gluten-free cafe may be best known for its smoothies and açai bowls, but step inside and you'll find a classic chocolate chip cookie sitting in the pastry display case. 

Image Credit: Caroline Rispoli

Vegan chocolate chip is the only option! The details:

Texture: Soft & chewy. Buttery edges without the butter! Who knew such a feat was possible? On a scale of 1 (practically raw) to 10 (crisp and crunchy), this cookie is a 4. 

Size: Your standard single scoop of dough, with an extra layer of thickness and a circular form so perfect it could only be achieved via cookie cutter! 

Chips or Chunks: Mini chocolate chips! 

My best tip? Combine your cookie order with a meal item to benefit from Love Juice Bar's fixed-price menu!  

Laura Todd 

1 Rue du Four, 75006 Paris  

Laura Todd has been baking fresh daily since 1933. The company even won the prize for best cookies at the Chicago International Fair. Today, Laura Todd has 13 stores in the heart of Paris with fun flavors, including Cozy Speculoos, Perfect Pistachio, Crispy Peanut, and more! 

Image Credit: Caroline Rispoli

I chose my usual flavor of choice: Dark Classique. Here's the scoop:

Texture: Respectably soft. On a scale of 1 (practically raw) to 10 (crisp and crunchy), this cookie is a 5. 

Size: Smaller and thinner than the other options in this cookie line-up; roughly a 4-bite maximum cookie! 

Chips or Chunks: Chips. Dark, milk, or white chocolate - you choose! 

There's a cookie kingdom at your doorstep. Set off on your own indulgent adventure!