Nov 23rd, 2017, 04:10 PM

Boxing à Paris

By Anastasija Baiko
Boxer Dave Castilloux in 1941. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons/Conrad Poirier
Interested in pursuing boxing as a hobby?

Boxing isn't your average workout regime: it's not a routine—it's a lifestyle. Interactive, entertaining and never mundane, boxing engages your entire body in improving strength through cardio. It doesn't stop there, boxing also enhances your balance, coordination, and reflexes, and helps you de-stress from a busy daily life. You will need a comfortable sportswear outfit, boxing gloves, and boxing hand wraps to go underneath—that is, if you plan to box solo to stay fit. If you are looking at it from a professional, ready-for-championship point of view, then get yourself some protective gear too.

It is always best to consult with a professional—especially when considering the right gloves—to determine the equipment that will be right for you, regarding size and optimal weight. Any of the gyms below feature equipment stores with professionals available for consultation.

Image credit: U.S Navy/Mass Communication Specialist Aramis X


Sweatboxing gym is located in the 16th arrondissement and dedicated purely to boxing. Additionally, they have a conditioning boot camp designed for boxers. It's a price-friendly gym with a private gym feel. The small space, hidden in an apartment building, is much more workout-focused than the other gyms on this list. It is set in a cold setting, featuring little more than rows of punching bags and the central focus of the space: the boxing ring. However, the beauty of the gym shows through its intense, personalized sessions. Group courses and private courses are equally available on demand. The pricing at Sweatboxing is rather reasonable compared to others on the list: a scheduled group session is 35 euros, and a private session starts at 100 euros. Sweatboxing also offers first-timers a 20 euro trial class.

142 avenue de Malakoff

75116 Paris

Tel. +33 1 45 00 87 80


CMG Gym Clubs Boxing Club

While CMG gyms are located all across Paris, their 17th arrondissement location is the only one that offers boxing. This CMG location features high-intensity, 60 or 90-minute boxing sessions that vary from specific boxing techniques to general boot camp. Their group classes vary greatly in size, making their pricing more affordable. A single group session costs 28 euros, while a month worth of sessions costs 180 euros. Private classes cost 90 euros, and a package of 20 classes is 1500 euros.

11, 13 rue de Boursault

75017 Paris

Tel. +33 1 44 56 04 0

Image credit: U.S Air Force/Senior Airman Michael Reeves 

Noble Art Club

My personal preference, Noble Art Club, is a private gym located in the 17th arrondissement. Noble Art Club is a beautiful, peaceful space filled with skylight, and a bright, charming upper floor with a recreational area, changing rooms with built-in saunas, and warm-up areas. The staff is welcoming, and the coaches know what they're doing—they warm you up by using your natural body weight instead of machines. Their sessions are demanding, but after which you can relax in the sauna—with the possibility of a drink made to order. A basic annual pass costs 450 euros, but an extra 200 euros includes the necessary boxing equipment. The variety of courses is at an additional cost, but Noble Art Club offers a free first class.

135 avenue Wagram

75017 Paris

Tel. +33 1 47 54 91 95


50 Foch

50 Foch, a private gym located in the 16th arrondissement close to Sweatboxing, is affectionately referred to by the staff as not a gym but a family of trainers and clients. The first floor of the gym is stylish, with modern art on the walls and a juice bar next to the cardio machines. Downstairs, however, one finds the standard boxing ring. The session I participated in was very intense but so interactive that I lost track of time. The coach knows what he is doing since all of the coaches there are professional boxers with individual backstories—the gym even features computers that serve as interactive trainer brochures, showing a preview of the trainers' skills. 

Sessions consist of a ten-minute warm-up, then boxing, and finally, a 15-minute ab and stretch cool-down. Afterwards, you can enjoy the gender-segregated steam rooms and saunas. 50 Foch is an incredible gym experience; however, it comes at a steep price. 50 Foch has various membership options, but a basic annual membership costs 3000 euros—which includes access to the whole gym, water, juice bar and fruit at your disposal, a sauna and changing room, unlimited access to group classes, and towels. Pricing varies, from one course for 95 euros to a package of 20 courses for 1600 euros. Luckily, 50 Foch offers a free first class by reservation

50, avenue Foch

75116 Paris

Tel. +33 1 45 00 19 51