Feb 4th, 2017, 09:24 AM

Is the Boobie Blender the new Beauty Blender?

By Anabel Bachour
Image credit: Silisponge.
Some makeup users are turning to silicone bra inserts as beauty sponges.

First of all, you should know that the woman in the photo above is holding a silicone breast enhancer to her face. That's right, a silicone breast enhancer as makeup applicator. Yes, women use them.

First there was the Beauty Blender, then the Silisponge. Now comes the Boobie Blender. The Boobie Blender is the latest trend used by makeup lovers — me included. It's a makeup sponge developed not by a beauty brand but by beauty bloggers. 

The original Beauty Blender — designed fifteen years ago by makeup artist Rea Ann — looks like a pointed furry egg, or a drop of water falling in slow motion. Some are tiny, known as the micro Beauty Blender. Bigger versions — half of your palm — are called pro Beauty Blenders. The mid-sized range is one finger high and two fingers wide. The Beauty Blender is used mainly by beauty bloggers and makeup artists, probably due to the high price: $20. The original Beauty Blender generated cheaper copies found in shops like Yves Rocher, Marionnaud, and Kiko (in France) or online on sites such as Real Techniques cosmetics.

Now a new makeup sponge has been launched: the SiliSponge. The Silisponge, created by Molly Cosmetics, is made of silicone. It claims to facilitate the cleaning process with its smooth smooth surface. The Silisponge, cleaned by running under hot water, is said to have the advantage of saving on makeup product used. Beauty bloggers such as Jeffree Stark and Michael Finch say the Silisponge uses half the amount of makeup as the Beauty Blender and other similar products. This weird sponge will cost you around  about $10 on the Molly Cosmetics site. 

The Silisponge. Image credit: Molly Cosmetics.

For more inventive makeup fans, there is another option: a silicon bra, or Boobie Blender. An alternative to the SiliSponge, Boobie Blender bras can be found on Amazon for about $10. Needless to say, they come with two silicone inserts which are perfect alternatives to the Silisponge. 

You still need to know how to use the Boobie Blender. Personally, I found it easy to use. Basically, I put  foundation on the silicone insert, spread it on my face with the sponge, then dabbed with it  to get the foundation perfectly into the pores. I found this sponge great for applying foundation, concealer, and also for contouring.  The thing I found less convenient with this sponge is the baking phase. Since it is made of silicone, the powder sometimes gets stuck on it and therefore is more complicated to clean. Baking with this sponge did not work for me, but you can try it, maybe it will work for you. 

So far, no beauty bloggers or makeup artists have actually replaced their Beauty Blenders with this new trend. But from personal experience I can say the Boobie Blender might have a big future. So if you are a makeup fan or a regular makeup user, this would be a good way for you to save money on your makeup products and makeup tools.