May 2nd, 2017, 06:09 PM

10 Ways to Create Positive Vibes

By Gianni Harrell
Image Credit: Shutterstock
A 10-step guideline to boosting your abilities and embracing a positive outlook towards life.

These are 10 tips millennials need to follow in order to maintain great energy, good vibes and an overall boost in your likability. Follow these steps and more blessings will come your way.


1.Me Time

Due to social media, millennials are super caught up in what everybody else is doing at all hours of the day. Whether it's friends, family, celebrities, the crush you’ve been stalking for months, doesn’t matter. It’s important to unplug and spend some time with yourself away from others. Doing this allows you the time to think on what’s important to you and take decisions that will benefit your life. Plus, being comfortable with yourself is a great quality few people possess. The more comfortable you are with yourself, the more pleasurable you will be around others.



2.Find Your Place

You’ve gotta know who you are. What you like and don’t like. What type of schedule you keep. What type of people you attract. But most importantly you need to know who you are in this universe. Maybe you’re a talker, or maybe you’re shy. Maybe you’re the star of the group, or maybe you’re just an entourage member. Maybe you prefer reading to watching TV. Maybe you’re studious but your friends are not. Once you’ve got this understanding of who you are, and where you fit in society, not only will you be able to filter out unnecessary or unwanted people who straggle in your life, you will gain a new appreciation for the character of others.


 3.Stay Positive

Absolutely nobody wants to hear you complain. If you’ve got problems, fix them. Stop killing vibes. Don’t depend on others to do the work for you and don’t blame others for your own incompetence. Once you start thinking positively more blessing will come your way. Positive people attract positivity. Take that negative energy somewhere else.



4.Tend to Your Own Emotions

Most people care a lot about what other people think. Don’t. Easier said then done, but still. You know those people who look like they’ve got life figured out? Well, they don’t. But they certainly do not care at all about what you think of them. When you wake up with positivity and your friends, co workers, loved one’s are feeling negative, don’t seep into whatever has got them feeling negative. Walk to the beat of your own rhythm. If you want to Zig while others Zag, don’t feel ashamed; feel proud. You have the balls to do what others won’t. You don’t conform to society; you set the trend for others to follow!


5.Mentally Prepare

If you have things to do, places to be, and people to see, mentally prepare for it. If you’re going to see people, know your audience. Know what they like, who they are, and things they say so you can have some idea of what your getting yourself into. If you’re going somewhere, first of all you should know yourself and know if you’re going to like the atmosphere (vibes) of the place you’re about to go. If you already know you’re not going to like the place but your friends want you to go don’t go. Your friends will still love you. If you’ve got things to do manage your time properly so you can execute to the best of your abilities.


6. Face Your Fears

You scared? Do it anyway. Life is about risks. You’re never going to conquer your fears unless you face them head on like a charging rhino. Be bold. Chances are your initial sacredness comes from insecurities of future outcomes. Don’t be scared of what happens next. If what happens after isn’t to your liking you’ve got to take a deep breath and say the two magical words: “fuck it”. Not only will you feel an instant flush of gratification, you will have successfully conquered your fears.


7.Be Spontaneous

Schedules can be great when you really need to get things done but you know what’s really attractive? When people do something different every day. Timing in life is crucial. You need to know when to stop, start, sit, think, speak, observe, and reflect. But nothing is cooler then someone who has the ability and the access to totally change situations, emotions, and vibes with a snap of their fingers. Especially when you’re dealing with a romantic situation. Nobody wants conventional and boringness out of their lover. They want crazy and fun. Unpredictability is a major key. Keep them on their toes.


8.Spend Money When It’s Worth It

First of all you have to save your money so you can actually be in a situation to spend it. Saving money is catastrophically difficult. Trust me, I know. But when you’re out with friends, and the vibe is right, never be cheap. Always be a gentlemen when you’re with a lady. However, if the vibe does suck, don’t spend a dime. Save the cash for an Uber home and hightail it out of there!


9.Dress Well

Take the time each morning to dress as well as you can. When you look good you feel good. And when you look good, people treat you better. Your outer appearance is a reflection of your inner self. So you’ve got to dress like the badass human being you already are. Know your style and own it, even if it’s not what is in trend at the time. People have a real appreciation for those who are not afraid to look different from others. That being said, do not leave your house looking absolutely crazy because you went totally off center with the outfit choices. Be bold, not crazy.


10. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

I can’t blame you. You may compare yourself with your friends, co-workers, ex lover, parents or whomever because you deal with them daily. Don’t do that. You know who cares about what other people think? Insecure people. Care less about what they’re doing and care more about what you could be doing to achieve greatness. It’s your life, not theirs.


Bonus: Leave the Earth a Better Place