May 6th, 2022, 09:00 PM

You’re Ganja Have a Good Time

By Natasha Hersman
A guide to smoking in Amsterdam.

With Amsterdam being so close to Paris, you have certainly visited, are considering visiting, or are still debating whether or not to visit. Take this as a sign, since I'll be your smoker's guide to the best coffee shops in Amsterdam, where you can forget about your concerns and relax in one of the world's coolest cities.

Part of the reason people visit Amsterdam is for the beautiful scenery and let's not lie... the weed! When first arriving from Paris to Amsterdam and after getting settled in I recommend walking around the town and seeing what awaits you for you're next couple of days. While walking along the canals you'll definitely smell weed, shocker! Now before sprinting to your first coffeeshop I advise you to look around sober so you don't get lost later as there are barely any cars and it can get crowded towards the evenings.

First up I will be talking about Grey Area which is Snoop Dogg's, Cypress Hill’s and Wiz Khalifa's favorite coffeeshop. The room is covered in weed stickers with two super nice servers waiting to ask you what you’d like to buy. Behind the bar are shelves stocked with hash and weed, from indica to sativa, to whichever strain you can think of. Once you order up, the servers weigh the goods and next to you on an island table you’ll find papers, grinders and tobacco for rolling. 

Then there's Boere Jongen's coffeeshop, which always has a line, but it's worth it! This is more of a dispensary - you ask the supplier for sativa, indica, hash, weed, the side effects you want to experience, whatever you want, and the staff will take care of you so you can enjoy a satisfied high. The dispensary is loacted right in the heart of Amsterdam, and it's ideal for unwinding and smoking before heading out to Zeedijk and exploring the food market while the munchies kick in.

Dampkring Coffeeshop stands out from the crowd because it offers weed strains that are not available anywhere else in Amsterdam. The area is decorated in a retro, old-fashioned style, with bongs, papers, weed, hash, roaches, tobacco, grinders, and much more. The coffeeshop also has a celebrity resident; a cat named Bowie de Dampkring lingers around the cafe to calm your nerves even further. While visiting this coffeeshop, the sativa strain Kalimist is highly recommended for a good time with your friends; this was my personal favorite strain while in Amsterdam. 

The Bulldog is probably the most well-known coffeeshop in Amsterdam; it was the first coffeeshop to open back in 1975. There are numerous Bulldogs shops in Amsterdam, some of which are for merchandising, while others are coffeeshops where you can grab a drink and spark up. The main one is located on Leidseplein. It's called "The Bulldog Havri," and it's ironically housed in an old police station. A collection of police and criminal artifacts can be viewed, and spending time in the jail cells is highly recommended after the officer on duty's services who also sell weed.