Oct 10th, 2022, 08:00 AM

What Makes the Amex so Great?

By Isaac Bates
A photo of a blackboard with daily specials
Image Credit: Isaac Bates
Students share their favorite meals to have at AUP's resident café

As the fall semester progresses, the vast majority of students continue to enjoy the Amex’s cozy and calm atmosphere. With its bi-weekly events such as cocktail hour and karaoke night, the Amex routinely fills its tables and attracts students even after school-hours. The large influx of transfer and first-year students is a new change from the usual size of incoming students in recent years, and they have been keeping the Amex busy since the start of the school year. However, one thing that has remained (mostly) the same – for better or for worse – is the menu of the Amex.

John Bae, a new transfer student studying Computer Science, outlined his reasons for liking breakfast at the Amex while in the queue to order.  “It’s my usual go-to: the breakfast wrap. I usually don’t eat in the morning, but lately I’ve found myself eating more frequently given that I can get something quick like the wrap between class. It’s also pretty tasty.” Scanning the long list of food options, he pointed to the black board standing next to the menu which listed the daily specials, and had a grilled cheese and tomato soup option written underneath. “That sounds pretty good though, I might get that today.”

Although Bae admitted to having never actually tried a daily special, he explained that he appreciated the concept of it. “I did see one that I definitely wanted to try – the Spicy Indian Meal. If that comes back around, I’ll order it.”

Image Credit: Isaac Bates

AUP senior Tatum Staab said for her, “Its between the mozzarella sticks which are super quick and easy, and the crispy chicken salad when I have more time. Its so good.” Kiera Roddy, another senior at the table, had her own view.  “For me, it’s the grilled chicken wrap with French fries.”

Roddy also said that she has never gotten a special. “I almost never get the specials, not for any specific reason concerning taste, but just because I usually want something fast.” Staab agreed, “I don’t really pay attention to the specials.”

Allen Blackwell, a graduate student studying Global Communications, said he didn't eat often at the Amex, but when he did, “My favorite meal is the crispy chicken burger without cucumbers.” When asked about the daily specials, Allen stated “I’ve never ordered one even though a lot of them looked really good, but everyone that I’ve talked to that has gotten one has recommended them to me.”

Photo Credit: Isaac Bates

When elaborating on why specifically he doesn't dine in the Amex more frequently, Allen explained that there is more he would like to see added to the menu. “I think they should add more easy French food like croque Monsieur/Madame. I would destroy that all day with a coke and fries, especially if they had a good deal on one. A lot of students would get that. Even something like a classic chicken leg and mashed potatoes would be delicious.”

Oscar Padula, another graduate student, would seem to agree. “Croque Monsieur would be cool to see on the menu. I also think they should add more French dishes. Also, something quicker than a wrap – a cold sandwich.”

T’anna Johnson seemed to agree on the idea of expanding the Amex's menu. “I really love the fries. I eat them every day, but I think that if they offered actual hot wings with them, I would get that all the time. Buffalo wings and fries is one of my favorite meals when I’m home.”