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Sip the Night Away with your New Flame

By Carina Amante
Image Credit: Carina Amante
A guide to the best Parisian bars for a first date

Congratulations, you got the date! Now it’s time to ask yourself the next big question: Where do I take them? I always advise keeping a first date simple, and the best activity for this is grabbing a drink. This allows you to quickly gauge the level of chemistry, plus the date only has to last as long as the first round. Though, should a spark ignite, you can entice them to another round of drinks to prolong the evening. Who knows, you may even end the night with a kiss.

So, where's the perfect spot? Do you reckon your date would prefer an intimate ambiance, or a lively atmosphere? Luckily for you, this detailed guide, featuring the top bars in Paris, offers a range of various romantic settings. There is no wrong choice here! Once your choice is made, all that's left is for Cupid to take aim.

1. Fabula 


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Location: 16 Rue des Francs Bourgeois, 75004 Paris


In a city as crowded as Paris, finding a quiet retreat is a rarity. Yet, at Fabula, you'll find a hidden garden tucked away within the Carvant Museum's courtyard, offering the perfect getaway from the noise. This romantic escape offers dim table lighting, ivy vines running the walls, and gravel pathways that are sure to create a unique atmosphere. Not only is the setting divine, but the cocktails are equally heavenly. With a menu crafted by Remy Savage, voted the world's best mixologist in 2022, your date is sure to be impressed.

However, since this charming spot is outdoors, it operates seasonally. So, be sure to check their availability as soon as the weather warms up!

2. Serpent A Plume 


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Location: 24 Pl. des Vosges, 75003 Paris


Are you prepared to dazzle your partner with your dance moves and, quite literally, sweep them off their feet? Begin your evening at Place des Vosges, where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll through the park together. Then, make your way to Serpent A Plume, conveniently located on the park's border, for an unforgettable jazz experience. The soulful and seductive melodies of the music will transport you to another era, creating the perfect atmosphere for sparking meaningful conversation and deepening your connection. After indulging in some delicious cocktails, you will have enough liquid courage to ask for a dance. 

3. Augustin Marchand d'Vins


Location: 26 Rue des Grands Augustins, 75006 Paris

Bottels start around €30

If you want to unwind with a touch of sophistication, a wine bar is the perfect destination for your date. When you enter Augustin Marchand d'Vins, located in the famous Saint Germain des Pres district, you are immediately enveloped in a space full of refinement and elegance. Soft candlelight and a backdrop of wine bottles on the walls set the scene for your first decision together: choosing the perfect bottle to enjoy. It's the perfect icebreaker to start a conversation as you can effortlessly discuss the wide selection of wines available, fostering a connection by exploring each other's preferences. As you share the chosen bottle, you will become more at ease in each other's company. With each sip, barriers will be broken, and conversation will flow as smoothly as the wine you're drinking.

4. Bambino 


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Location: 25 Rue Saint-Sébastien, 75011 Paris


Bambino, a tapas bar where a DJ spins records right before your eyes, offers the ultimate vibey atmosphere for intimate sharing! This unique establishment allows you and your companion to discuss your favorite music genres, explore new tunes, and uncover mutual interests while indulging in tiny plates. With its laid-back ambiance, you can ease up and be yourself during your date. The evening start with a funky disco soundtrack playing softly in the background, gradually building in energy as the night unfolds. A standout feature is the orange wine, a drink not found in most bars, adding an exciting drink for you both to discover and enjoy together. Another bonus is their amazing desserts! There’s nothing better than a late-night sweet treat.

5. Spootnik 


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Location: 57 Rue des Gravilliers, 75003 Paris


If you're looking for a more vibrant atmosphere than Bambino, I highly recommend checking out Spootnik. This sexy record bar exudes a seductive ambiance, characterized by its red lighting and duplex layout. As you descend the first flight of stairs, you'll find yourself engulfed in the bustling energy of the bar and dance floor. However, on the venue's opposite side is another staircase leading to a raised balcony overlooking the dance floor. This section is home to intimate table booths adorned with flickering candles.

I suggest you start your evening by purchasing a carefully crafted cocktail and taking it upstairs to drink and engage in meaningful conversation. As the evening progresses and you get to know your date better, head to the dance floor to surrender to the rhythm and lose yourselves in the music. This way, you can create unforgettable memories by dancing the night away.

6. La Mère Catherine


Location: 6 Pl. du Tertre, 75018 Paris


With its cobblestone streets, timeless architecture, and picturesque views - all reminiscent of scenes from a romantic movie - this guide is only complete with a drink location in Montmartre.

Situated at the renowned Place du Tertre, where cozy cafes with talented street artists line the square, sits the charming bistro La Mère Catherine. Steeped in history and classic French charm, the restaurant offers an enchanting setting for an unforgettable first date. You'll find a cozy and inviting ambiance here, perfect for alleviating first-date jitters. Take advantage of the outdoor seating as you relax and enjoy the scenery. Serenading musicians will create an incredibly romantic atmosphere, allowing you to loosen up and connect. A romantic stroll through the charming streets can then conclude your night.

Planning the perfect first date in Paris offers many exciting options, from the peaceful setting of Fabula to the swanky atmosphere of Serpent A Plume. Each venue has a unique charm. Whether you're looking for intimacy, sophistication, or fun, Paris has something for everyone. Use this guide to prepare for a magical evening under the Parisian moonlight. Take the plunge, choose your spot, and let Paris work its magic.