Oct 11th, 2017, 03:01 PM

Rooftop Afro Market

By Sarah Mahgoub
Image credits: Pascal Montary
The beautiful rooftop at Communion awaits you for another Afro Market this weekend.

This weekend, Communion (formerly known as Nuba) is hosting another "Afro Market" on their beautiful rooftop terrace. You may be familiar with their nighttime club, which is also a cool place to go to at night if your looking for something outdoors with good music. But you really should take advantage of the view here and you will get the opportunity to appreciate the venue in the daytime, in a way you wouldn't experience at night. Entrance for the event is free!

The fourth Afro Market is scheduled for Saturday November 11 2017 starting at 2:30 PM.

Try one of their carefully crafted cocktails that are inspired by certain African regions, have an açaí bowl made on the spot, fresh plantain chips and more. The DJ is expected to be playing some good tunes; either throwbacks from the early 2000's or some newer tracks, but they will surely keep the energy high and the crowd moving and dancing at all times. There is also an open grass space where you can sit down if you are a larger group and can't find seating. Typically, the mellow market turns into a small daytime party.

Image credits: Remi Jaouen. People dancing at the second Afro Market event held at Communion.

Image credits: Pascal Montary. DJ Booth/makeshift photobooth. This weekend the DJ will be "Cheetah".

You can find vintage clothing vendors, including Fripiz, a featured vendor who always comes through with cool pants, jackets, denim and more for really good prices and great quality. Fripiz is an on the go vendor who can be found at many events around Paris. You will find various booths selling afro-inspired modern home decor, rings, necklaces and tote bags specifically tailored for this afro inspired market. Aside from clothing and accessories, there are food stands with small hot dishes—the lines can get long but it is worth the wait. There are massage booths, small stands where hair stylists can be seen dreading, braiding and cutting hair. They accept cash and card at most of the vendor booths. 

Image credits: Remi Jaouen. Woman touches up the dreads of visitor to the market.
Image credits: Pascal Montary. Some of the custom shirts you can find at one of the booths this weekend.
Image credits: Pascal Montary
Image credits: Remi Jaouen. Handmade jewelry, racks with clothing and other things can be purchased at the small rooftop market.

Image credits: Pascal Montary. The outside of the building where Communion and some other clubs are. You will take those green stairs on the side to get up to Communion.

You need to take the metro to get to the rooftop of Communion, which is in the Cite De La Mode Et Du Design, and then walk up the side of the building through the staircase up to the top, where you can follow signs along the way. There is security around to ask if you need help finding your way, since there are many other venues in the building.


36 Quai d’Austerlitz, Paris 13

Ⓜ Gare d'Austerlitz 

If you are interested in attending a nighttime event or one of their various programs, you can follow their agenda on their facebook page. They host brunches, markets, clubs and have small DJ set events and more.

Here is a short preview from the second Afro Market event they held in September: