May 22nd, 2022, 08:00 AM

Parisian Patisseries Embrace Bagels

By Lola Rock
Credits:Unsplash / girl with red hat
Believe it or not, there are some amazing bagels in Paris.

Paris is known for its bread. Baguettes, pain au chocolat, and croissants are all synonymous with the excellent patisseries the city has to offer. But the renowned success of the Parisian patisserie makes many  wonder why there don’t seem to be any good bagels in Paris.

Despite the streets of Paris not being lined with signs reading “hot toasty bagels” on every other block like New York City, Paris is beginning to embrace the culinary treasure of the big apple, and pastry chefs around Paris are embracing bagels in old and new ways.  From old school revivals of New York staples to the new wave of “french bagel” being invented by young pastry chefs, bagels are ever-present in Paris and damn good.

BAKE (10th)


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Don’t let the humble exterior of this bakery fool you, BAKE., located in the 11th arrondissement, is cranking out some of the best bagels in Paris.  The crates of plump bagels sitting in the window seal set the tone. Every bagel is hand-rolled, baked in-house, and topped with delicious ingredients one by one.  The bagel itself is a perfect balance of dense and fluffy, with a thin yet crunchy outer layer and a chewy interior full of delicious air bubbles. 

This bagel hits all the spots. In terms of toppings,  BAKE. represents the classics with its delicious lox bagel as well as tuna and egg salad options.  BAKE. is also putting its own spin on the bagel sandwich.  A perfect example is the Bahn mi bagel, filled to the brim with pickled veggies, cilantro, and savory Vietnamese sausage.  The pastry team also makes a house-made sausage roll that can't be missed, wrapped in homemade puffed pastry, and served piping hot.  Whether devoured seated at a barstool or taken to-go, these bagels won’t disappoint. 

Sadelle's (8th)

Oh, Sadelle's… the New York City staple for bagel towers and mimosa fueled brunches has now created a home in Paris inside of the flagship Kith department store. Don’t let this tourist trap fool you, the Jewish appetizing restaurant re-imagines the simple beginnings of a delicatessen and creates a production around the humble bagel.

Here, bagels and smoked fish are served on grand towers usually associated with oysters and lobster.  The staff wears throwback baking outfits and chants “hot bagels” in unison.  They even serve the food on Le Creuset plates.  The restaurant offers a huge bagel selection including everything from classic cold bagel sandwiches, hot breakfast sandwiches on a bagel, and of course, the towers. 

Every tower comes with unlimited quintessential New York bagels, just make sure you ask them not to toast them.  The bagels already come out hot, so toasting isn't necessary.  If you’re in the mood for another bagel fix, the grilled cheese bagel is another great option.  If planning to make a trip to Sadelle's, just remember the lines during prime time are long, but good luck finding a better bagel or brunch experience in Paris. 

Bob’s Bake Shop / Juice Bar (multiple locations)


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From the banks of the Seine to the 18th arrondissement, Bob’s offers its array of bagels and spread combinations all over Paris.  Well known for providing the treats that live in Shakespeare and Co, this Parisian bakery is a staple for a reliable bagel anywhere in the city.  The bakery offers three main types of bagels: Plain, poppy seed, and the standout sesame bagel. 

The sesame bagel has a strong toasted sesame flavor, but all the bagels are a standout due to the extremely fluffy interior and strong crust on the outside of the bagel.   The bagels are also slightly sweet because of the technique they use, adopted from Montreal-style bagels. They are made by boiling the bagels in honey water prior to baking.  The toppings at Bob’s make this bakery special, especially the veggie options they provide.  Don’t miss out on the hummus bagel, packed with grilled veggies and a spicy pepper spread.  The avocado toast bagel is equally satisfying, accompanied by pickled onion and feta cheese.  

Passager (11th)



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Located in the heart of the Bastille neighborhood, this daytime hipster café is quietly cranking out some of the best bagel sandwiches in Paris. Here, the options are simple, and don’t try too hard to Impress.  Ingredients range from standard smoked salmon, cream cheese, and avocado, but the star of the show is the bagel itself.  

The bagel is softer than most, probably most easily described as somewhere between a pita and a bagel due to the color and texture of the bread itself.  But just because it’s not “authentic” doesn’t mean it’s not amazing.  The bagel from Passager opens a new realm of possibility for what the “French bagel” can be and questions the importance of sticking to tradition. 

Bagels become even more elevated when toasted and made into their version of a “bacon egg n’ cheese,” including smoked gouda, thick-cut bacon, and the addition of the ever-trendy "truffle crème." Come by for a casual brunch and enjoy the comfort of a Passage bagel sandwich.