Apr 21st, 2019, 10:40 PM

The First Burgers and Beer Festival Takes Paris by Storm

By Claire Price
A cheeseburger with beer. Image Credit: Flickr/Marco Verch
Burgers are making their way to France.

Foodies flocked to Peña Festayre in Le Parc de la Villette last weekend for the first Burgers and Beer Festival by Fever. Parisians feasted on one of three burgers: the Ibérique, which consisted of chorizo, Tomme de brebis, salad, steak patty, and Andalusian burger sauce, finished with a burger bun; the Classique, with a steak patty, cheddar, onions, salad, tomato, and a burger bun; and the Marin with breaded fish, tomatoes, salad, onions, and dill sauce. Games like beer pong and Connect Four were set up, as well as a Nintendo 64 playing the original super smash bros as the crown jewel.

The dining area in Peña Festayre. Image credit: Peña Festayre

The lines were long, but the burgers were juicy and fresh. The French fries were thin and crispy, with the right amount of salt, which paired well with an ice cold India pale ale.  After filling up on beer and burgers, patrons casually played board games, cards, darts, ping pong, and video games. The atmosphere was light and social.


The schedule for the day ran from 12 PM to 12 AM. The venue was large, with a sizable seating area, and a dance floor with a stage and second bar, as well as a small outdoor area set up for darts and ping pong. Patrons socialized and played games while waiting for the various competitions to start. The highlight of the day was the beer pong tournament, which was an amusing and fiery test of drunken hand-eye coordination.  Eight activities were scheduled throughout the day with three “rounds” of handing out food. In round one, patrons who bought tickets to get food from 12 PM -1:30 PM were at a slight disadvantage, because the activities did not seem to pick up for a few hours. DJ sets were scheduled between 4 PM and 12 AM, four hours after the first round began. Once some had finished their meals and played a couple of games, they were ready to head home, with not much else to do for a few hours. Next year when they return, they should be sure to arrive later in the day.

Burgers from Claire Price on Vimeo.

The ticket situation was awkward as well, with the round 2 and 3 food tickets selling out quickly, and multiple types of tickets that allowed multiple types of access at different times. However, tickets were electronic and used the Fever app, which simplified the process.


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Next year the Burgers and Beer festival will come back bigger and better than ever. Festival goer Dylan Ngango said, "They did a great job on their first festival, I think they will do even better next year." This is a fun and tasty way to spend a sunny Sunday in Paris!