Oct 19th, 2022, 08:00 AM

The Cheapest Lunch Finds in the 7th Arrondissement

By Lola Rock
Credits: Unsplash/Dan Gold
From Rue Cler to École Militaire, these are the tastiest options to save a buck.

A neighborhood packed with over twenty Michelin stars combined, the 7th arrondissement isn’t necessarily known as a center for cheap eats.  But even in one of the most tourist-filled and expensive areas of Paris, there too are everyday hidden gems catering to the larger community of everyday workers and students daily. From long time local favorites to popular Parisian chains, the 7th arrondissement offers more than many know about, including a diverse range of much quicker and less expensive options than those the area is known for. Here are the 7 best options for a midday meal in the 7th arrondissement.

Zia (breakfast)

A smothered breakfast burrito, a loaded dutch baby pancake, and avocado toast - those are the only three of the items at this quiet 15-seat café tucked away on the corner off the bussing rue Tourville. Zia sticks only to the breakfast classics and then executes each one extremely well. Zia’s proximity to the Eiffel tower can be seen as a pro or con depending on how you look at it - the con is that it's located in the center of the Paris tourist trap, but that also means they do an excellent job of satisfying the craving for a good American breakfast. Whether eating one of the indulgent breakfast options or just stopping by for the expert latte art, you can’t go wrong with this place. And if you want dessert after all that magnificent breakfast food, add a piece of their homemade carrot cake on at the end.


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Birdy's (burgers)

This family-run burger joint offers one of the best burgers in Paris while also managing to make everything fresh in-house. From the buns to the specialty meat blend to all the house made sauces, nothing made at Birdy's comes prepackaged, and you can taste the difference. In addition to the classic cheeseburgers, they offer a variety of specialty options like The Woodstock, a vegetarian Greek-inspired burger with a falafel, tzatziki, and feta. Birdy’s runs a well oiled takeout operation and their menu includes a daily lunch special too, which includes any burger, seasoned fries, and a drink for €15.


Apollon (gyros/Greek food)

Just a few steps from Invalides, Apollon offers a variety of Greek dishes out of their combined take-out/sit-down location. When stepping foot in the takeout section, customers are immediately greeted with the smell of the gyro and warm smiles from the staff and chefs behind the counter. The meat constantly roasts all day, ensuring each customer gets the perfect bite, and the gyro sandwiches and other hot main dishes are available as a lunch deal, accompanied by a starch and salad for under €10.  If you’re looking for a more leisurely lunch, check out the sit-down restaurant next door with an expanded menu and consistently kind service. 


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Bellota- Bellota (Spanish ham place)

Boasting four locations in Paris alone, Bellota-Bellota has upheld a consistent standard and reputation for excellence for the past 30 years. Specializing in Spanish jamón, Bellota- Bellota has no shortage of excellent gourmet sandwiches, all highlighting the ham and all perfect for a quick lunch. Although simple, the extensive sandwich list at this place draws inspiration from all corners of Spanish cuisine. From the manchego cheese brought directly from Spain to the piquillo peppers, these sandwiches are as authentic as it gets. The location in the 7th arrondissement also has a small sit-down section in the back of the restaurant which feels like stepping into a small wine cave along with a small épicerie wall perfect for picking up pre-picnic snacks.

Popu (pizza)

Popu is a casual neighborhood pizza place. Popu’s pies fit somewhere between crispy New York and soppy-in-the-middle Neapolitan, as each slice remains straight when you hold them up in the air, but the crust puffs up like a balloon. The crust is perfect, and the creative topping combinations make this an exciting addition to the Paris pizza scene. They also offer a €15 lunch deal, including a pizza, a drink, and dessert. The pizzas are on the larger size, so if the French 'one pizza per person' rule isn’t your style, half is plenty. Save some money and share with a friend. You can also call in advance for takeout or place an order on Uber eats.

Mon Petit Poulet (rotisserie meals)

The popular Rue Cler is lined with dozens of scam restaurants, but Mon Petit Poulet isn’t one of them. This long-running, stylish-but-laid-back restaurant is the kind Parisians describe as “Franco-Français” (French for the French). Long popular with celebs unknown outside of France, it serves the kind of comfort food that makes anyone happy, with the lead dish on the menu h being the juicy rotisserie roast chicken, a plump free-range bird that comes with crunchy, chicken-fat-infused potatoes. This take-out classic is perfect for a cold winter day.


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Jeusselin (epicerie)

In a tourist-packed neighborhood like the 7th, it’s refreshing to walk past a place like Jeusselin at peak lunch hours and see lines of older locals line up for the fresh food offered daily made hot and cold options. The display case at Jeusselin offers over 30 dishes daily, half main entrees and half cold sides (think home-cooked food). For the hot food, chicken piccata, potato gratin, and sautéed vegetables are some of the items regularly put out. Pop in and personalize a plate with one main and two cold sides like chickpea and couscous salad. 

If you haven't managed to walk by all of these fantastic eateries, we have you covered! Here's your map of the best cheap lunches in the 7th arrondissement.