Feb 24th, 2017, 09:27 PM

A Sparkling Affair with Champagne & Fashion

By Anastasija Baiko
Image Credit: Champagnecartel.com
The influence of fashion in the alcohol industry

The presence of fashion is inevitable in every facet of life even in the bubbly beverage - Champagne. We picture the elegant stem held by long, manicured fingers of a young mademoiselle all groomed up wearing the latest runway collections.

The current generation has been fascinated about the collaborations of fashion labels with the champagne industry. Champagne brands are expanding, becoming something more than just for taste but for aesthetic appeal. 

Image Credit: pursuitist.com
Image Credit: mulpix.com

Take the Austrian champagne label Inführ, the Österreich Gold Sekt with the 23 Karat gold flakes nonchalantly resting at the bottom of the bottle. It is both what is inside and the outside packaging that attracts attention and make one believe in miracles. Of course the real magic happens when the champagne is poured and the gold begins to play under the light creating a luxurious sight to our eyes.  

The sight does not just please the eye but makes one crave the beautiful drink. The arrangement of golden pieces - which are fortunately edible -  attach instantaneous elegance and charm to this transparent beverage. It goes well with your black cocktail dress and definitely cures your thirst, both physically and that for fashion.

Image Credit: InführÖsterreich Gold Sekt

The bottles themselves have also been the subject of influence for fashion. The constant collaborations of fashion houses, artists and just the aesthetic change of champagne labels such as Dom Pérignon, Armand de Brignac, Pierre Heidsieck have been magnificent.

Image Credit: ageofstyle.com

The beauty of the creatively thought out bottle presentation makes a fashionista instantly place it onto their must-have list. There are many collaborations such as Dom Pérignon with Jeff Koons or Iris van Herpen, Armand de Brignac with Swarovski, Piper-Heidsieck with Jean-Paul Gaultier, who is one of the most notorious designers in the history of fashion.

“Being creative is trying to expand what the possibilities are”  - Jeff Koons

Image Credits: Designmagazine.com | Piper-Heidsieck / Jean Paul Gaultier Collaboration
Image Credit" liveinternet.ru

Its a sensation to have fashion and alcohol have such a provoking relation that creates a radical step into the future. This proves again that fashion has no boundaries! It has a never ending imagination that constantly evolves. 

Image Credit: Armand de Brignac / Swarovski

Fashion is luxury, and champagne is its beverage.