Nov 11th, 2021, 12:17 PM

What's Next for AUP's Tennis Club?

By Linus Larsson
Image credit: Adam Rudowski
President of AUP's Tennis Club, Adam Rudowski, will pass on leadership this Fall.

AUP's popular Tennis Club is facing change in the upcoming year with the departure of former pro player Adam Rudowski, who is graduating this fall. Issues such as legacy, succession, and future for tennis at AUP are at stake as AUP searches for a Tennis Club president to fill the empty slot after Rudowski leaves the institution.

They're trying to find the answers to these questions. Ashkan Shalbaf, coordinator of Physical Activity at AUP, says the Tennis Club has achieved tremendous growth over the past two or three years. "Adam, AUP’s PAL 2020 – 2021 (“Physical Activity Leader”, award for exemplary leadership in a physical activity club or sports team) was the motor behind the re-invention of the club," he said "We have gone from a couple of students interested in tennis to 45 students who wanted to attend the sessions every week last semester. This semester, if my estimations are right, there are 150 – 200 students interested per week." 

Shalbaf reports that he was not surprised by the large amount of interest in this club, however, "The consistency of participation numbers, despite the weather challenges and COVID-restrictions last year, was somewhat surprising. Something tells me Adam’s own passion for the sport had a part in that."

Now that Rudowski is graduating, "I hope with Adam’s help we will identify one or two students who would be willing to lead the tennis program in the upcoming semesters," said Shalbaf. 


Rudowski, the 24-year-old undergraduate, as seen in the video above, has been playing professionally for years, he said, "I started to play professionally when I was 17, but took it more seriously when I was 21, quite a journey it was." Rudowski took the leadership role in an uncertain climate and was still able to garner interest in the club. "I became the president in the Spring of 2020, and had quite a following. We were able to play until lockdowns restricted us," Despite the shaky beginnings, the club remains one of the most successful at AUP. This doesn't come as a shock to Rudowski, who understands his contribution to the club. "I wouldn't say that I was surprised by the large amount of students interested in this club, seeing that tennis is a popular sport, as well as the fact that they got to learn from an actual former pro," he said.

As for the future of Tennis at AUP, Rudowski hopes, "AUP can emulate what I have done here for tennis in order for the program to be as prosperous as possible. The hope is to assign new prospects for presidents, and to leave it in good hands."