Feb 6th, 2017, 08:00 AM

Tattoos of AUP: Volume I

By Savannah Hunter
Image credit: Savannah Hunter
"It represents freedom, coming of age and a little bit of rebellion."

The students at AUP are all different from one another. Not just by race, country of origin or background but also through how they choose to decorate their bodies. There's more to a person than just their clothes. 

Image Credit: Savannah Hunter

Name: Elizabeth Amiotte

Age: 19

Country: South Dakota, U.S.

"The design of my tattoo does not have any meaning. But, to me, it represents freedom, coming of age and a little bit of rebellion, since it was my first tattoo and only a couple of days after I turned 18. It was entirely my choice."

Image Credit: Savannah Hunter

Name: Anna Kressbach

Age: 18

Country: Maine, U.S.

"It was an impulse tattoo. My roommates and I were in Amsterdam on Halloween and thought, "What the hell?" They immediately knew exactly what they wanted, but I sat on the floor of the tattoo parlor for over an hour trying to figure out exactly what I wanted and where. Once I figured it out, I knew his name would be Pierre."

Image Credit: Savannah Hunter

Name: Emily Frigon

Age: 19

Country: New Hampshire, U.S.

"I think my wrist tattoos are my favorite. They capture almost exactly who I am as a person. It says "And I am aware of my heart, it opens and closes". My heart will open to people, people will leave and it'll close them out. But no matter what, my heart will continue to pump blood through my veins. As long as I live it will open and close and open and close. It keeps going. It moves on."