May 21st, 2022, 08:00 AM

School Spirit at AUP

By Emma Sacayan
Image credit: Unsplash/ Adrian Dascal
Yeah, it's a thing.

The students at AUP, specifically the Americans, are used to associating school spirit with varsity jackets, cheerleaders, and face paint. At AUP no one is seen wearing a school sports logo and no one hears the word of a past school sporting event.

"Because it’s smaller and doesn’t have sports it has less unifying activities that get the entire university together as an American university has,' Isabella Littlejohn, an AUP third-year  said.

School pride is definitely necessary for a functioning and effective college when competing or advertising their university. School spirit personalizes a university and excites students.

AUP Spirit Day 2022

 "AUP students are very unique and exercise school spirit in a non-traditional way. We’re not like big Ivy League universities with a lot of swag, but our students are ‘global explorers,"  AUP’s Special Events Assistant Chiara Amor said.  "Having this in mind, I think our students being curious to learn about new cultures, travel, and question the world around them, is the best way they exercise school spirit.”

School spirit at AUP includes the idea of being open-minded to different cultures while embracing your own. Being curious to learn, question, and explore the world is why most students attend AUP. AUP reigns supreme for its unique and vibrant student atmosphere. The Combes lobby is not just a common building for classes but also doubles as a hub for noteworthy events and gatherings like AUP spirit day.  Students that wore the school colors, (blue, red, or the AUP logo) were eligible to win prizes.

When considering “school spirit” as school “pride”,  as in students, teachers, and families supporting the school for the common goal of further education. AUP is a college with a strong spirit of achievement in academics, the arts, physical activities (in organized sports clubs), and most importantly travel.

“School spirit at AUP is more prevalent through supporting smaller clubs and groups,” says Littlejohn, “the small size of AUP also makes it have a better community feel.”

This is a strong fuel that keeps the diverse student populace coming back to the school every semester instead of simply visiting Paris for a few months and then transferring. AUP values all students that wish to find their own sense of school spirit, where they can see that their work is superior and valued.