Oct 3rd, 2022, 08:00 AM

Cocktails and Billiards, Welcome Back to the Amex

By Chandler Sumpter Gillyard
Image Credit: Chandler Sumpter Gillyard
Changes in the Amex cause mixed feelings

For the students at AUP, the Amex is known as a place for socialization. Music plays all day long as students enjoy their time in between class by grabbing a drink or having a quick meal. 

Returning students remember the uproar that ensued when the Amex terrace was closed for a few weeks due to COVID last semester. Forced to congregate right outside of the school in a big group, many students said how they felt like they were missing out on a chance of growing through the school's community. While the Amex has not closed this semester (fingers crossed no closings will occur as we head into the winter months), another obstacle has blocked the flow, literally and figuratively to the Amex. 

In addition to the gross influx of around 620 new students, the Amex brought out a shiny new pool table to add another activity to its space. The pool table was an appealing aspect to many students, but the space it takes up causes a bottleneck leading out the front door, leaving many feeling a bit claustrophobic.

Lauren Rosker, a Junior at AUP, didn't spend much time at the Amex last year but is now enjoying it to the fullest. With the new addition of cocktails to the menu, she has observed how crazy the rush can be, as well as the camaraderie during the lull. "I think the pool table was a good addition because it allows students to interact and meet others and also gives a cool environment. I've noticed a lot of students will order a round for their friends while playing pool or relaxing on the terrace, it feels really open and welcoming."

Photo Credit: Chandler Sumpter Gillyard

Isaac Bates, a senior at AUP, had concerns about the space, " I think having the pool table inside, actually made things a little bit inconvenient. The Amex is already a very packed place, and putting a decent-sized pool table inside of it really jam-packed things even more. I think the overall with this huge influx of students, it would have been better to put the pool table in another section of the school." 

While Isaac was frustrated with this apparent navigation issue he did speak praises to the Amex itself saying, "I think it's great that we have a pool table as it gets people talking and enhances the community vibe, I just wish there was more room for it."

"Since I came back there is definitely a lot more people, sometimes I can’t even find a spot to seat. I really liked the idea of a pool table, I think it brings students together to decompress after class," said Stephanie Bergon, a senior at AUP. 

Unfortunately for the the pool table, a mishap at the Senior Cocktail put an end to its short but lively time at the Amex. Despite the challenges it brought, students say the pool table brought a new livelihood to the Amex, as well as a place to relax with a quick game the overall thought is that the addition was beneficial. According to Marteena Mendelssohn, a member of Amex staff, the table falls under the responsibility of the SGA. "It's gone until SGA either buys a new one or fixes it," she said.

Photo Credit: Chandler Sumpter Gillyard

The pool table isn't the only new thing at AUP this year - with a record influx of students and new events and activities being introduced in the Amex, students are learning how to navigate a new normal. For now the pool table is out of commission, but some are still hoping for its eventual return, if perhaps in a better spot.