May 1st, 2023, 09:00 AM

6 Items That Deserve a Spot on the Amex Menu

By Lauren Rosker
Image Credit: Lauren Rosker
From Healthy Options to Student Favorites: 6 Suggested Additions to the Amex Cafe Menu

We all know and (some) love the Amex.

It’s the center for socializing at AUP and most importantly, for getting a quick bite to eat that is significantly cheaper than the surrounding cafes and restaurants. However, I have overheard some complaints here and there regarding the lack of options on the menu. The complaints I’ve overheard are the ones within my head.

They’ve stepped up their game a bit with their daily food specials and their weekly drink specials but I think some of these options deserve a more permanent spot on their menu. Here is a list of items I think should be on the menu based on items I’ve craved and have not been able to get at the Amex.

1) Açai bowl

Pretty self-explanatory. A little fruity, cold, refreshing breakfast item has never failed anyone. Hopefully, they have a blender back there to blend some frozen berries and top it with some granola, fresh fruit and nut butter. Bam. Delicious. Simple. The crowds will flock. I can also see them serving them in those coconut bowls. Seems on brand for the Amex.

Image credit: (Unsplash/vickyng)

2) Grilled cheese and tomato soup

I’ve seen this come back week after week on the specials menu—although I’ve never actually had the delight of trying it, but obviously people are liking it. This deserves a permanent spot on the menu because it is an American classic and is just so *chefs kiss*.

Image credit: (Unsplash/tspoonphoto)

3) Sandwiches

These are so easy to prep, store and serve. They’re perfect for students on the go! Amex doesn’t currently offer a lot of options to just grab and go, other than little snacks like protein bars, apples and Pringles. There can be a few sandwich options like caprese, jambon fromage or chicken crudités. This way students wouldn’t have to secretly eat their sandwiches in the Amex.

Image credit: (Unsplash/phaelnogueira)

4) Some sort of rice bowl

Think quinoa and tofu bowl, poke bowl, chicken and rice bowl, of that sort. I think these would be hits on the menu because bowls are so efficient and delicious. Everyone loves a good bowl. They typically have a lot of nutrients in one that can often be hard to incorporate in meals as a student. In one bowl you can find grains, healthy fats, vegetables and protein, which creates a balanced meal. Especially given Amex prices are significantly lower than nearby places, which is a large selling point for them, having cheaper bowls on the menu would make students lives a lot easier in between classes. Amex can even do a “bowl of the day” special and throw in everything they currently have in that bowl. This way it may simplify how to incorporate this in the menu.

Image credit: (Unsplash/israelalbornoz)

5) Side fruit or salad bowls

A lot of times students want something quick, fresh and healthy to grab in between classes. Amex could have little Caesar/Greek/mixed greens salad and little cups of fruit or berries. These would be a hit for those who are looking for something fresh in their day.

Image credit: (Unsplash/khlebnikovayulia)

6) Smoothies

Similar to the açai bowls, smoothies would definitely be a hit, especially with the warmer spring days right around the corner. It can also be hard to find an actual thick smoothie in Paris so it could great if the Amex would make them well. Again, this is super convenient for those who have back-to-back classes and need something quick when they might not be able to eat between periods or in class as smoothies can be filling for a short while.

Image source: (Unsplash/nzdoug16)


These would be great, simple additions to the Amex and in general I think everyone would be happy with a little change in what they offer. Since the summer is coming up, maybe the Amex can implement these ideas into the menu of the new school year as a little gift to the students.