Sep 25th, 2017, 04:20 PM

L'Aerosol: From Train Station to Graffiti Paradise

By Sarah Mahgoub
Image credits: Sarah Mahgoub
Street art lovers, get the spray cans ready because this entire train station is your canvas.

 L'Aersol Paris (Maquis-Art Hall of Fame) is a temporary street art space and museum in the 18th that is open until January 2018; it's being held in a former shed of the SNCF.  Here you can find amazing murals, food trucks, music/DJ sets, a large bar with student friendly prices, a make shift roller skating rink and you can even participate in the creative space by renting out spray paint and tagging whatever you want! 

Professional artists and amateurs, the connoisseurs of all things art, and even children are all welcome here. Come on a Sunday if you just want to relax and have a mellow afternoon or come at night for something more exciting when people are dancing, drinking and the DJ is playing a mix of hip-hop, electro soul and funk.

Once you arrive at L'Aerosol, there are children running around and making art, people creating murals right in front of you, kids and adults on roller skates, music playing both inside and outside. If you want to tag something they have over 190 colors of spray paint (bombes de peinture) to choose from and the prices vary, starting at 3,40€ for a 400ml can. They also offer other materials such as markers, felt and more depending on the kind of work you want to create. 

Every single thing has been tagged in this formerly abandoned space- from tables to chairs to lamps, even the ground is drenched in color.

Image credits: Sarah Mahgoub

Image credits: Sarah Mahgoub

This is a great place to go with a big group of friends—in the daytime, you can grab a beer and hang out and at night, it transforms into a more party orientated environment.

Entrance is FREE; yes, FREE! If you feel like you haven't seen enough, you can pay to enter the small museum inside which features some incredible work to support the artists which is of course the best option to show appreciation for the space and effort put into making it all happen. Always support the artists when possible and remember to be respectful and ask if you see someone working and you want to take photographs or video.

There are food trucks where you can get hot dogs, warm soup if your sitting outside, sandwich wraps, crepes and more. The bar has a large selection of beverages to choose from, for good prices. Inside you can find another bar, seating area, a dance floor/skate rink and of course, more art.

It is a very inviting and eclectic space that is typical of the Parisian experimental art scene. The French are always coming up with ways to turn abandoned spaces into something for the community that can be enjoyed for temporary periods of time; last winter, for example, with the Black Supermarket (sponsored by Carte Noire) where a former supermarket was turned into a mini art enclave with DJ sets, coffee, drinks and snacks. 

Image credits: Sarah Mahgoub

Image credits: Sarah Mahgoub

Image credits: Sarah Mahgoub

Image credit: Sarah Mahgoub

If you want to check out the agenda for events going on, you can check out their website or take a look at their InstagramL'Aerosol is located at 54 Rue de l'Evangile, 75018 Paris off of line 12 (Max Dormoy). The walk from the metro station is around ten minutes and very straightforward. Entrance is through a gate with a small sign where a security guard will check your bag before you are on the pathway leading you up. 

Hours are as follows:

Mondays through Tuesdays- CLOSED

Wednesdays-  4 p.m to 11 p.m

Thursdays- 4p.m to 12a.m

Fridays through Saturdays- Noon to 12 a.m

Sundays- Noon to 8 p.m

The temporary project closes in January of 2018, but it would be best to go before it gets too cold, so you can enjoy the outside seating. So, find your inspiration, get your inner artist ready and get spray painting!