May 2nd, 2017, 11:53 PM

Dive into Summer

By Danielle Gregoire
Image Credit: Maven 46
Wear less and look your best

"It's getting hot in here so take off all your clothes" we know the rest. As summer approaches this is the lyric that comes to mind. Best way to fight the summer heat is to jump into the nearest body of water- my favorite is the ocean.

Coming from Miami we don't value coats and boots we value cover ups and swimwear. Because I am used to wearing a bikini 80% of the year I became aware of the certain fashion culture it has. There are runway shows for bikinis and each year new styles arise.

I thought I'd share my findings of the hottest bikini styles around:

One-pieces have made a major comeback. Beware! The name is deceiving, but these are not your grandmothers one-piece suits. Some of these suits come with cuts so steep that it borders on scandalous. Others have cut out sides and straps all over. It's a sexy way to look more covered up yet still show your body.

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Velvet is everywhere! And you can see why- it screams luxury. Velvet has made is way into the water and it looks good. Becoming a deeper hue of its original color when wet, the material is absolutely stunning in water. You will look like the rich kids of Instagram with one of these suits.

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Channel your inner Baywatch Pamela Anderson in these high cut bottoms that have sides that come way up. Considered as an 80s style has made its way around again. Personally I am so glad it did, the higher the side the longer your legs look. Stand tall and enjoy the modern version of the high cut.

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Adornments such as tassels are a fun way to add some life to your bikini. They move as you do and look good even when wet. This will be your most playful bikini yet, so spin around and enjoy how they move.

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Whether you're cruising around the Mediterranean, lounging on a beach in the south of France, or partying on a yacht in Miami you should always look your best.