Sep 27th, 2017, 12:49 PM

Philippine President Calmly Okays the Killing of His Son

By Darla Centeno
Credit: Wikimedia/PCOO EDP
Duterte threatens to kill his own son as drug smuggling allegations arise.

The President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte reinforced his promise of slaughtering millions of people in order to combat the drug epidemic engulfing the country on September 21, 2017, by vowing to kill his own children if ever involved in drugs. 

Duterte's son Paolo Duterte, 47, who has been implicated along with Manases Carpio, Duterte's son-in-law, with smuggling billions of dollars worth of crystal meth from China into the Philippines. Both Paolo and Manases dismissed the accusations during the Senate hearing where Duterte's opposition showed pictorial evidence of Paolo with the businessman prosecuted for the shipment. 

Drug allegations are no stranger to Paolo or Manases, both have been implicated in criminal activities over drugs. More recently Manases was connected to a shipment of meth from China back in May 2017. Paolo's involvement can be traced back all the way to 2007, where Paolo was implicated in Davao, Philippines. 

Displaying his indifference to his own children, Duterte hopes to thwart any criticism and show Filipino citizens, and the whole world that he is serious about the situation going on in the Philippines. However, backlash continued as thousands have protested against Duterte. With demands of ending the drug-related killings, and stop Duterte's dictatorship-like rule.

Tricia R. is a student at a University in Manila, Philippines. With conservative and religious parents Tricia is hesitant in voicing strong opinions against Duterte as her family, fully support him. Doing so divides the family, disrespects them, and puts her in the position where they might think that she does drugs. Nevertheless, she has strong opinions on the Filipino leader and asserts, "Duterte doesn't care about us, he doesn't care [about the lower class] and only looks to push them down and make the rich, richer." She states that despite what others might think or say, she believes that Duterte is a horrible leader and is following Marcos's corruption. 

Others, like Jen A., believe that Duterte is doing a good job. Jen A. is an overseas worker living in the United States who identifies as conservative and religious. She states that like Marcos, Duterte is doing a good job, he's changing the country for the better, and improving the lives of Filipinos. When asked about the scandal, Jen A. didn't know about the issue, but when explained to her, stated "I'm still on his side because he's improved the Philippines a lot since the start of his presidency."  

The country is divided in half, citizen's who oppose Duterte are worried that Duterte is becoming the second Ferdinand Marcos, a dictator ruling under Marshal Law from the 70's to 80's. Many Filipino's blame Marcos for bringing widespread corruption to the Philippines during his rule. Other's praise him for the work he did during his Dictatorship. protestors wanted to highlight Duterte's hypocrisy over the drug killings. Over 5,000 people have died, whether linked to narcotics or not. Paolo and Manases on the other hand, received a trial. 

Duterte's aggressive stance is a cause for concern, not just for the killings, but the state he will leave the Nation in once his rule is over.