Sep 26th, 2018, 11:51 AM

Working Out as a Trend

By Eugenie Stall
Image Credit: Instagram / @dynamocycling
How Instagramable is your gym?

Recently, working out has transformed from simply a physical exercise to an all-encompassing fashion and wellness experience. Historically, a “gym” or “fitness center” was an establishment with exercise machines and weights. While those do still exist, they are slowly getting overshadowed by smaller, trendy studios specializing in boxing, spinning, yoga, barre classes, along with many other modern workout fads.
 These new studios are not only becoming popular due to their workout classes, but they are gaining a massive following due to their “Instagram-ability.” These new studios are serene and pristine, creating the perfect ambiance for an Instagram post. They have trendy succulents, millennial pink walls, and the air is filled with the scent of Palo Santo.

For example, there is Reformation Pilates in Paris, located in the Marais on 175 Rue du Temple (75003). Inside everything is white and bright, with fresh plants around you. They teach pilates classes, mat classes, or private sessions. They even have a jumpboard class, which includes a jumping platform, that seems highly challenging.


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On the Rive Droite, there is Dynamo Studios, a hip spinning studio, which has multiple classes a day that emulate the giant American chain Soul Cycle, which has transformed the spinning world. At these candlelit classes, there is an instructor in front of the class on an elevated bike, with very minimal lights and very loud music. At Dynamo, the energy is great and the ambiance is even better. The mirrors in the bathroom are common spots to take a selfie for Instagram, and they even have a logo and well then workout clothes with it. AUP student Ava Andrea, goes to Dynamo often and finds it to feel much more Soul Cycle, an American spinning class. "It is really modern and really clean, plus all of the products in the bathrooms are by MALIN+GOETZ - I love that brand.” The instructors compliment the "Instagram-ability" of Dynamo Studios. One instructor there is an actor and model for Yves Saint Laurent; another instructor, Clotilde Chaumet, is a fitness entrepreneur who brought “hip hop yoga” to Paris. She has a large following on Instagram and has frequent photos of her in insanely difficult looking positions, which get her thousands of likes.


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Then there are the two biggest studios of them all: Klay and Blanche. Klay, as well as Blanche, have a room with weights, a boxing room, a pool, pilates classes, spin classes, and yoga; as well as trainers available for members, not to mention a spa with a sauna and masseuses. There is even a restaurant and a bar. Membership here is expensive, so if you’re a member here, you’re automatically considered a trendy Parisian. AUP student Quinn Foley, who is a member at Klay, enjoys it "because it offers more than a gym." He continues to compare it to American country clubs, where you have additional facilities. Quinn admits his membership also had a "superficial draw of it just being a nice place with fancy equipment in a cool neighborhood. It's a very fun place overall.” Everything is Instagrammable. There are indoor trees, beautiful and healthy meals, and a skylight ceiling. These are certainly places to run into a celebrity. It has become trendy to work out and to keep up with this growing movement. Even workout clothes are now becoming fashionable to worn both inside and outside the studios.


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Activewear brands are following along and making workout clothes that are cute enough to wear on the streets. Ten years ago, everyone in the gym would have on the same pair of Nike leggings. Lululemon, among others, came and changed that by adding patterns and slits into leggings. There is even a word for it now: athleisure. Lululemon works with many gyms and allows them to put their logos onto Lululemon leggings, which is what Dynamo does.
Even major fashion brands and online boutiques have hopped on this bandwagon. Ava Andrea even feels a need to dress better for her classes at Dynamo. She says, “When I go to my normal gym I just wear anything, but when I go to Dynamo I always try and put in a bit more effort because everyone there is so chic or is a model.”
In effect, this entire fashionable athleisure movement, combined with the creation of trendy studios, has revolutionized the workout world – transforming a trip to the gym from a mundane task to an enjoyable and social experience.