Feb 15th, 2017, 03:29 PM

Parisian Dating Ideas for Under €50

By Moumi Camara
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Places to take your crush on a date without draining your bank account.

Paris is a notoriously expensive city for just about everything — including dating. Here are a few dating ideas that are fun and romantic without breaking the bank. 

1. Get-to-Know Date

Start off with a nice walk around a Parisian park. The Bois de Boulogne in the 16th arrondissement is ideal, it's a great spot to run or hike, but also just to take a relaxing walk. If you go on a sunny day, the Bois de Boulogne is the perfect selfie spot. When you've exhausted the pleasures of the park, a few minutes on foot will get you to Fondation Louis Vuitton, a visually stunning modern art gallery that includes contemporary art in its collection. Tickets for those under 26  is €10. General admission is €16. After taking in the amazing art, take your date to a bar for a drink. Take the Ḿetro to the 11th arrondissement to a bar called Mizmiz. A mix between a Moroccan restaurant and a music bar, Mizmiz is a great spot to sit with a drink and just vibe out with your date. Thursday to Saturdays DJs play live music — reggae, soul, R&B and other genres. An authentic dish of couscous with savory chicken is €7 and a demi beer is €3. Total: €45-€50  

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2. The Fun Date 

Go for a picnic in a nice Parisian park or gardens. The gardens in the Palais Royal and Place des Vosges are perfect. Take a baguette, they're usually around  €1 and a bottle of inexpensive wine (since we're rolling on a budget) for about €5 to €10. Last on the shopping list is cheese. Brie is a great combination with a baguette, but any other cheese will do. They usually go for €3 to €7. You can find the cheese at Proxi or a nearby fromagerie.
After the picnic, if you and your date have a sweet tooth why not get a scoop of ice cream. Une glace à Paris is a charming ice cream boutique on Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie in the 3rd arrondissement. They have 24 home-made flavors you and your date can choose from. One scoop of ice cream is €3.80, two scoop is €5.40. If you have an extra sweet tooth, three scoops is €6.40. Total: €17-€30  

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3. Kiss-at-the-End-of-the-Evening Date

Start off with some food. If you’re both in the mood for something savory take the Metro to the 12th arrondissement to one of my favorite restaurants, Mama Jacksons. Comfort food at its finest, it’s a perfect choice if you like soul food and background R&B music. Share a few laughs and fun stories with your date as you eat a great dish of fried chicken, rice and bean, mac-and-cheese, and their other menu choices. Dinner is around €15 but, trust me, one meal is enough for two or, if you don’t like to share, enough for a full meal the next day. End the night with a movie at Mk2 cinema in the 19th  arrondissement. Mk2 has multiple screens, restaurants and cafés it’s really an all-in-one date night package. Movie ticket prices are €6.50. If the movie is dull, sneak out the theater and grab a coffee or drink or a milkshake at the American deli just next to the movie theater. Milkshakes are around €5. Total: €45-€50. 

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