Apr 25th, 2018, 12:15 PM

K-Beauty Boom

By Melissa Gomez
Runstudio/Getty Images
Korean beauty and skincare products are on the rise.

When walking into a beauty or makeup store, one is bound to find a section dedicated to Korean skincare. Korean beauty is on the rise and growing in popularity; it's everywhere from magazines, to YouTube videos, to bloggers' latest skincare favorites. Korean beauty products contain rare ingredients not found in Western skincare products such as mizon snail slime, salmon eggs, kale, and other skin benefiting products (plus the cute packaging and skin care masks are a total bonus). Here are some of the most popular Korean skincare and beauty brands there are, and the top products from each brand.

Image Credit: 토니모리 공식계정 TONYMOLY Instagram

1. TonyMoly

"TonyMoly" means "putting style into packaging." This brand is one of the first brands to come up in someone's head when thinking of K-Beauty brands, and the products can be found in Sephora and many other beauty stores around the world. It's no surprise that TonyMoly has become this popular, releasing cute packaged products, best-selling sheet masks, and a wide collection of skincare and makeup, as well as limited edition items that sell out quickly. What makes their products unique is the packaging itself - a pore cleanser in a black octopus, lotion in a small plastic banana, and eyeshadows in a cute cactus compact. The most popular product from TonyMoly would be their "Egg Pore Tightening Cool Pack" ($14). This little egg is a best seller, taking care of pores, tightening the skin, and acting as a cooling pack to the skin. With this effect, the skin looks plump and youthful and large pores disappear.

Image Credit: Laneige Instagram

2. Laneige

Laneige is a brand owned by the successful Amore Pacific (fun fact: she owns TonyMoly as well). The brand name comes from the French word for snow. This brand specializes in water science, and according to the brand has "developed optimum water to address each skin concern." Laneige's products are gentle on the skin and gel-like, and their makeup goes on smoothly on the skin, leaving the skin dewy. Two popular products from Laneige are their "Two-Tone Lipsticks" ($16) - a lipstick with two different shades of color, adding a gradient effect on the lips - and their "Water Sleeping Mask" ($21), a skincare mask that recharges the skin overnight, leaving skin refreshed and extremely soft. This mask works wonders on even the most sensitive skin. 

Image Credit: Dr. Jart+ Instagram

3. Dr. Jart+

This brand from dermatologist Dr. SungJae Jung and entrepreneur Chin Wook Lee focuses on the science of skincare, fusing science and art. His products are distributed in over 46 countries and the brand can be found in your local Sephora. Dr. Jart+ skin care masks and BB creams are what gave them international success, using unique ingredients such as coconut milk, tiger grass, and hot spring water. These products contain many benefits for the skin such as redness control, toning skin, and decreasing the appearance of scars. One of their bestselling products and a personal favorite is the Cicapair Tiger Grass Re-Pair Serum ($45), a serum that is good for all skin types, helps with hormonal acne, and is perfect for redness and calming down the skin. 

Image Credit: 투쿨포스쿨 Too Cool for School Instagram

4. Too Cool for School

Too Cool for School is a cult Korean beauty and skincare brand. The brand likes to include different artwork on its products, branding it as an artistic experiment and attempting to break the rules of beauty. They have makeup lines such as "Art Class," "Artify" and "Dinoplatz," and skin care lines such as "Rules" and "Morocco." This art experiment makes way for fresh and a different kind of packaging and brings a new cultural experience to makeup. Not only does the brand do makeup and skin care, but body care, hair treatments, and makeup accessories such as custom designed brushes and artsy makeup bags. The best selling product from "Too Cool for School" is their contour kit called "Art Class by Rodin" ($13). This contour kit is a cult favorite, being featured in many Korean makeup tutorials, and is a popular best-seller. 

These products and brands have found their ways into the most popular makeup and beauty stores, as they are affordable and convenient. Korean cosmetics and skincare are paving their way into Western culture and transforming our skin with a flawless and youthful finish. When it comes to skincare and makeup, Korea is easily a leader in that field.