Nov 9th, 2018, 04:53 PM

All Harry Potter Fans, Rejoice!

By Annelyse Gaston-Carrere
Image credit: Annelyse Gaston-Carrere
At the beginning of November, a Harry Potter pop-up store opened in the Galeries Lafayette on Boulevard Haussmann.

For the following two months, you no longer need to travel all the way to London to dress and enter the Harry Potter world. Paris is hosting its first Harry Potter pop-up store from November 7 to January 7 for the great joy of all Harry Potter fans here in France. 

Although smaller than the one in London, the French pop-up store allows the consumers to have a full experience and opportunity to dress up as a true wizard. First, all newcomers to Hogwarts have to go and choose their magic wands and the store has a wide range of them. This can be Albus Dumbledore's, Harry Potter's or even Voldemort's wand. The wands are €39.95 with the package and €29.95 individually.

 Voldemort's magic wand. Image credit: Annelyse Gaston-Carrere

Océane Da Guia Peres, one of the employees of the store, does not have a specific preference for any of the wands but does believe that Sirius Black's wand is nice looking and well designed. Mélanie Pagny prefers Luna Lovegood's magic wand. Luna Lovegood appeared in the last four movies and was very open-minded and wise in her actions.  As for Edouard Madi, a Harry Potter fan, he would love to have Lucius Malfoy's wand because it is well designed with the elm and dragon heartstring. What wand will you choose?

The next step to this transformation is choosing the uniform and which house to join. Will you choose your uniform based on your favorite character in the movies? Based on the online Pottermore test, Edouard would choose the Gryffindor uniform. The scarves cost €29.95, the hat €19.99 and the robe €99.95. 

Image credit: Annelyse Gaston-Carrere

Unfortunately, no candies are on sale in the store, but if you want to try out and make the famous chocolate frogs for snacks, the store sells chocolate frog molds. Those are Edouard and Melanie's favorites. However, they would never want to try Bertie Bott's jelly beans, especially if you fall onto the one that has the taste of trash. 

Finally, if you want to learn how to cast a spell, such as Wingardium Leviosa, come every Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Come and ask to learn a spell from the famous movie. Be careful to not overuse it! When asking Edouard what he would want to learn, he said he wants to learn a spell that could attract objects, such as keys for when you lose them. 

Image credit: Annelyse Gaston-Carrere

Now that you've got all the information, go ahead and run to the store and get ready to enter the world of Harry Potter. Since it is Christmas season, this is a great idea to make gifts for friends and share the love of Harry Potter without having to fly all the way to London.