Feb 14th, 2020, 07:30 AM

Valentine's Day in Paris

By Sophia Scalzo
Linnea, Image Credit: Sophia Scalzo
What AUP students are pulling out of their closets for Saint Valentin

Love is in the air and our meticulously planned outfits are on our backs. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for us all to get dressed up and show off our best fits. Whether it’s a romantic night alone with our partners, a group outing with our friends, or celebrating being young and single everybody wants to look divine. 

Here’s an inside look at what some students you normally see around the halls are sprouting to celebrate this V Day.

Linnea, Swedish-American. Junior at AUP.

Linnea, Image Credit: Sophia Scalzo
Dress - ZARA, Bag - TJ Maxx, Shoes - Mango, Earrings - swiped from a friend’s closet, Bracelet - A gift from Sweden, Ring - Scotland, Lips - Glossier Generation G in Poppy Red

Linnea would describe her style as “A mix between your grandpa in the ‘80s and your cool aunt that lives in a chateau somewhere with more hats than she can count”. She draws a lot of her inspiration between 80’s oversized menswear and 1920’s makeup and hair trends. Her fashion icons range between Ducky from Pretty in Pink to modern day style influencers such as Alyssa Coscarelli. Linnea chose this outfit specifically because of the way the red in the tights perfectly flowed into her kitten heels and stated that the dress was perfect for both dancing and dining.

Chris, American. Sophomore at AUP.

Chris, Image Credit: Sophia Scalzo
Jacket, Shirt, Pants - thrifted / vintage, Shoes - Gucci, Jewelry - Gucci, Swarovski, Mejuri, or from small markets

Chris chose this look because he wanted to mix things up, and didn’t just want to wear the typical red or pink get-up. Since green is his favorite color and emerald is his birthstone, he chose the beautiful combination of both vintage and designer. He would describe his style as “Polished Bohemian” and considers Alessandro Michele, Billy Porter, and Harry Styles to be his top style icons. While discussing his rendition of his V Day outfit, Chris brought to my attention that his understated style could be transformed into something more romantic through the use of Rococo-esque accessories. Rococo style was a movement of elegance and refinement that was characterized by light but plentiful ornamentation, which Chris epitomizes.

Beatrice, American. Senior at AUP.

Beatrice, Image Credit: Sophia Scalzo
Dress - Goodwill, Bag - vintage, Shoes - Franco Sarto, Belt - Urban Outfitters

“I like to feel dangerously sexy and womanlike when I put something on.” Beatrice told me she describes her style as Femme Fatale. She shared that she often gets her clothing from Goodwill, vintage stores, or her mom’s closet (who is her biggest fashion inspiration). Beatrice chose this outfit for its intentional use of reds and simply because of its sheer sex appeal. This can be attributed to the use of satin, and the simplicity of the silhouette, as well as the black leather accessories. 

Whether it’s a subtle touch of red tights, an indulgent amount of Valentine’s Day colors, or no sign of the holiday on you at all,  there are countless ways to dress in the spirit of February 14th. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Each AUP student reflects this in their choice of Valentine’s Day outfit. There is no right or wrong way to dress for the occasion, as long as your night is spent with love.