May 14th, 2019, 10:36 PM

Sneakers of Paris

By Claire Price
Dylan Wears Yeezy x Adidas Utility 500 Desert Rat Sneakers in black. Image Credit: Claire Price
Paris shows us its sneaker style.

Amidst a sea of all-white Air Force 1s, and Stan Smiths, Parisians bust out their best and brightest sneakers for the coming summer season. Sneakers have become more than just an accessory, but a status symbol, lifestyle, and a way to express creativity.

Ethan wears the Travis Scott X Nike Air Force One collaboration. Image Credit: Claire Price

Ethan Wu wears the Adidas X Raf Simons Stan Smiths in silver. Image Credit: Claire Price

Name: Ethan Wu

Age: 19

From: San Francisco

Favorite shoe: Converse Chuck Taylor 70

Least favorite trend: Dad shoes

Top three shoes: White Converse Chuck Taylor II high top, Silver Adidas Raf Simons, Nike Flyknit Racer

“Shoes reflect and provide immediate character for someone, even when you don’t know them. I view it as almost the centerpiece of an outfit, whether you’re choosing to flex with Raf Simons or dress down with a pair of Vans or Converse," he said.

Dohaan Kohli wears Pharrell X NMD Human Race Trail 'equality' sneakers. Image Credit: Claire Price

Name: Dohaan Kohli

Age: 19

From: Dubai

Favorite Shoe: Jordan 4 Eminem X Carhartt

Favorite Trend: Dad shoes, seeing the street and luxury world unite.

Top Three Shoes: Jordan 4 Eminem X Carhartt, Channel X Pharrell Human Race, Nike Air Fear Of God 1

“Shoes give people Character. They help you express things about yourself that words cannot. I’m a person who thinks shoes make or break an outfit, but need to be in harmony with it," he said.

Claire wears Claudie Pierlot Aero sneakers. Image Credit: Claire Price 

Claire wears the Nike Air Max 95 LXs. Image Credit: Claire Price

Claire's Sandro Flame Sneakers. Image Credit: Claire Price 

Name: Claire Price

Age: 19

From: Los Angeles

Favorite Shoe: Claudie Pierlot Aero Trainers

Top Three Shoes: Claudie Pierlot Aero Trainers, Acne Studios Manhattan Sneakers, Sandro Flame Sneakers

Why these shoes: The Claudie Pierlot’s were a gift for Christmas from my mom. They have my initials on the side and I love custom shoes, they add an element of uniqueness, especially when they only sell your name. My Sandro Flame sneakers are brand new and love the fire detailing. I think they might be a little grandma-ish but I have high hopes for them. My Air Max 95 LX’s I found at Starcow Woman and they were sold out in my size. I had to have them because they had pony hair on them and I had never seen that before. I’m a sucker for rare and subtly different shoes. I am obsessed with little details. I searched for them online and finally found them on after days of searching. I love knowing I’m the only person I’ll probably ever see wearing my shoes.

Favorite Trend: Chunky shoes with bright accents for women. I love it when girls wear big shoes because of the way it contrasts with small ankles. I also love how many brands are collaborating these days, it makes shoes much more interesting.

“Shoes add a level of confidence and style to any outfit. When I have on the right shoes I feel 10x more confident. Shoes say a lot about a person. I tend to gravitate towards shoes that stand out in some way or another. I don’t know what that says about me but I like being able to express myself with a shoe. I also love collecting collabs and rare shoes. My shoe collection means a lot to me and I love growing it. Some of the shoes have been with me for years, like my Sandro Velcro shoes. I have gone through three pairs after losing one pair and getting the other chewed up by a dog, but I've managed to live in them through the best and worst times of my life, through over 5 countries, ten cities, and seven moves."

Abdullah wears 2018 Air Jordan 3 Katrinas. Image Credit: Claire Price

Name: Abdullah Almarshad

Age: 20

From: Kuwait

Favorite shoe: Jordan 3s

Top 3 shoes: Vans Old Skool Voyage, Travis Scott AJ 1s, and Steve Harrington Air Force Earth Days

Favorite shoe traits: “Mostly comfort, Style comes second.”

“There’s no cop story behind these but my brother has a matching pair. They keep my feet warm in the winter," he said.

Dylan wears the Yeezy x Adidas Utility 500 Desert Rat Sneakers in black. Image Credit: Claire Price 

Name: Dylan Ngango

Age: 19

From: Paris

Favorite shoe: Nike SB Supreme

Top three shoes: Nike SB Blazer Lows, Air Jordan 1, and Air Jordan 3

Favorite Brand: Adidas

Least favorite shoe: Nike Air Max 90 revisited

"Shoes are a great way to express yourself. The right pair of shoes can totally transform an outfit," he said.

There are so many more different options rather than the white Stan Smith's. Go out there, explore and express yourself through your most rad sneakers!