Oct 3rd, 2018, 12:57 PM

PFW: Kristina Fidelskaya SS'19

By Sami Claire
Image Credit: Sébastien Vienne
Sophistication meets Contemporary Grunge for Spring Season '19.

Kristina Fidelskaya caters to any individual who embraces elements of both minimalism and maximalism. She establishes this sense of duality by creating a collection where the individual pieces could easily serve as compatible garments to someone's personal style or closet. Fidelskaya dances along a fine line, balancing the number of staple and statement pieces to cater to every possible need of her clientele. Luxury meets edge and the money you spend on it isn’t thrown at onlooking eyes; she assures the wearer that quality and high fashion are still alive and well.

The aesthetic of the show appeared to take the professional woman and turn her into something a bit more edgy. Certain looks reminded the audience of the 90's contemporary grunge trend, yet remaining professional and sophisticated. Normally lining is necessary to have clothes look sophisticated, yet Fidelskaya's fabrics seemed light and well put together, even those that lacked lining. Individual pieces can be worn during any season, depending on how you style it. This versatility makes the collection all the more alluring and marketable. A unique piece that can be both timeless and malleable, in the new world of fast fashion and constantly changing styles, this timelessness is something to truly appreciate.

Image Credit: Sébastien Vienne

There was texture, but not necessarily an abundance of patterns. Besides the scarcity of patterns, there was also a lack of bright colors. Instead, the styles included a calming color palette with muted colors, making the collection feel more appropriate for gloomy fall and winter rather than summer. Fidelskaya's designs had a very androgynous style, as the clothes blended masculine and feminine silhouettes together. The androgyny of the clothes makes the collection more versatile for masculine females and feminine males, as well as add an air of professional sophistication. She keeps the looks modest and un-insulting; no matter your religion, gender, or profession, these pieces could be easily incorporated into your wardrobe. Each look fits perfectly in any person’s closet and can be easily carried from a day to night outfit. While the designs were very inclusive and diverse, the models chosen were not representative of this mindset and could be dismissive towards Fidelskaya's potential clientele.

Image Credit: Sébastien Vienne

Beauty was kept interesting yet simple, intriguing the viewer but not distracting them from the somewhat minimalist wardrobe. The makeup was light, mascara was done, but nowhere near over the top. Dewy faces look wet and reflect light, appearing supple and youthful; a slightly smudged brown eyeshadow finishes the makeup look with a darker hue. Model’s hair was put up and back with a half pulled through ponytail. Following a similar trend as the dewy face, baby hairs slicked across the forehead, creating a side part on some models- but not all. Overall the beauty combined with the looks reminded me of how many of us looked during this past summer with the record-breaking and utterly sweltering heat. Fidelskaya creates a look of sweaty chic, adding an aspect of glam to the melting faces.

The "target consumer" could easily be a laid back, New York “it girl”, who resides in gallery openings in Chelsea and enjoys going to art shows rather than going the club; a woman who doesn't mind playing with both feminine and masculine elements, and can just roll out of bed, throw on one of these looks, and make it look effortless. The attitude of those who wear it is key, as the collection defines femininity as both a statement and a compliment.

Image Credit: Sébastien Vienne

All photos are credited to Sébastien Vienne of Mephistopheles, PR Company.

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