Feb 12th, 2020, 06:36 PM

InfamousVie PFW 2020

By Imaniushindi Fanga
Leveling Up One Year at a Time

Fashion designer, club host, and finance man Arafat Adekunle’s, aka Harpy, released his newest series of InfamousVie entitled "Up Cycling War". Nigerian born and Paris’ newest young fashion leader. Harpy’s newest fashion line for PFW Spring 2020 follows the tradition of his previous lines, high-fashion Parisian street wear, but ups the ante with accessories that are bolder than he’s ever done before. Harpy has been a strong representative of AUP Alumina who has successfully brought his artistic vision to life. In 2017, he held a fashion show in collaboration with AUP and UNICEF. Since this official launch of his brand in 2017, Adekunle along with original collaborators/ fashion team members Leo Chalamet and Keziah Keyser have made sure that this line’s fashion politics hold sustainability at its maxim. His clothing brand has been featured several times on our own Peacock print magazine, online Magazine, and Peacock Play as well as popular fashion culture websites such as Hypebeast.  

The fashion show was located at 3 Rue Richer, 75010, in Paris. The venue felt very personal especially because many of Adekunle’s close past and present AUP student family were there. The likes of Sami Claire, Milo Lignel, Malick Kane, Yoan Massala, Himane Fadiga  were either present in support or to aid Adekunle on his new fashion venture. After the show they all gathered to cheer and grab cigs just outside the venue to commemorate the special occasion. It really was a family affair, which made it even more special for everyone in attendance. 

 Several male runway looks from InfamousVie Upcyclying War, Image Credit: Arafat Adekunle

This year the collection features unisex wear as well as exclusive gender conscious wear with skirts and dresses for females and heavy military inspired cargo gear for males with a street spin. Held in an intimate space located in the 10th arrondissement near Chateau D’Eau metro station the ambiance was calm and, in much anticipation, to see Rockstar models like Rozzy DC and Harry Futuristik. What surprised me the most about this new series from Harpy’s brand is the subtle additions made on red corduroy vests, pant rims with zippers, and ski masks with cloud designs. These elements heightened and completed Harpy’s vision of revolutionizing  youth fashion in Europe.  


Custom Avant-Garde Rimbaud and Kodium , Image Credit: Imaniushindi K Fanga

Harpy clearly is pushing what youth fashion culture looks and acts like, he is not breaking the mold he is the newest epithet to it. Harpy’s new PFW line also featured a pop-up the following day at the same location with other high-profile French fashion designers like Rimbaud, Eyes Off, Piece of Shit, and Kodium. Their collaborative designs were cohesive and sexy, avant-garde and retro. This popup was nothing like I could have imagined before, but a popup that I had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand. All four brands different, but in sync made an entire collection with a universally stylish vibe. If you want to see details check this video link with exclusives and an interview. 

Don’t sleep on this line or upcoming projects from Arafat Adekunle and his collaborators because the future of fashion is open 24 hours and seven days a week.