Mar 1st, 2019, 01:15 PM

Fashion Influencers for a Sustainable Cause

By Valeria Sarto
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Excess Only x Parisian Vibe Capsule Collection Lookbook. | Image Credit: Eseniya Araslanova (@eseniyaa)/Excess Only
The Excess Only and Parisian Vibe collaboration sheds light on just how influential sustainable fashion has become.

On January 22, 2019 Instagram influencer Parisian Vibe announced a collaboration for a new collection with sustainable fashion brand Excess Only. Parisian Vibe, with 179k followers, features “Parisian lifestyle and muses” (aka influencers) on their account. This collaboration offered 1,000 of Parisian Vibe’s followers exclusive access to the new collection prior to the official launch of the collection, released as of February 3.

Excess Only sums up the problems in the fashion industry due to the shift in fast fashion, concluding that “Major retailers have driven down prices at the expense of quality and ethics. Our wardrobes have become disposable and our consumption is wasteful.”

Excess Only x Parisian Vibe Capsule Collection Lookbook. Model: Gabriela Griffith | Image Credit: Eseniya Araslanova (@eseniyaa)/Excess Only

The sustainable brand is on a mission to diminish these issues in the fashion industry and they are completely transparent with how they do it. Considering that six million tons of fabric are wasted during manufacturing, they have decided to source this “waste,” before it becomes actual waste. Sourcing high-quality surplus from around Europe, they create unique limited-edition pieces particularly because they only receive a certain amount from that excess roll of fabric.

Excess Only and Parisian Vibe are an exact example of a brand and influencer that are making a difference and swaying away from this fast fashion, unsustainable trend. 

Excess Only x Parisian Vibe Capsule Collection Lookbook. Model: Gemma Janes | Image Credit: Eseniya Araslanova (@eseniyaa)/Excess Only

The collaboration has created much momentum for Excess Only, giving them 4k+ followers on their Instagram account in just a couple of weeks. 

Because so many brands are not graded an A+ in sustainability, it is not about blaming influencers for supporting those brands. However, as seen with Parisian Vibe and Excess Only, it is so powerful when fashion influencers support a sustainable and ethical cause.