Apr 21st, 2018, 07:18 PM

A Preview of the Multimedia Gala at AUP

By Spence David
Image Credits: Unsplash/Søren Astrup Jørgensen
Student art, friends, pizza, wine, and an inspirational afternoon.

Calling all artists and art lovers. Tuesday, April 24, there will be a multimedia art event that will consist of artwork from students in all departments throughout AUP. The event will be held for the first year from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in room C103 in the AUP Combes building.

Since this is the first time for such an event, the creators are not sure what to expect but, one of the organizers, Malick Rupert, feels it is important to bring together different programs in the university and also give students the chance to display their works of art for others to see. Rupert, one of the students in charge of the event said, “AUP obviously has different outlets for multimedia whether it is the film department, where whether it is the global communications department, whether it is the fine arts department, so this is an opportunity for a lot of students to come together and show off their visual arts together in a single room.”

The panel that reviews content is made up of three students across interdisciplinary majors at AUP: Gabriel Green from the Global Communications department, Halid Ellagan from the Fine Arts department and Riki Davis, from the Film department. 41 pieces have been submitted from eight contributors so far, but Rupert says they are expecting between two to three more contributors until submissions close Sunday 22 of Apr. at midnight. The panel has not yet begun to review the submissions, so Rupert expects the number of pieces to shift during the days before the event.

The multimedia art event will showcase different styles of art ranging from sculptures, pictures, movies, photography, and graphic designs for the AUP community to explore and look at. The point of the multimedia art event is, “to kind of close off the boundaries between the departments.” The individuals in charge of the event are looking to change traditions of each department presenting their own work at their own showcasing.

Along with the student artwork being presented, guests will be treated to pizza and wine to enjoy while walking around and experiencing the pieces of artistic visions.

Any students, teachers, or visitors with questions about the event can feel free to contact Malick Rupert who is one of the organizers of the event at a95580@aup.edu.