Oct 16th, 2019, 03:43 PM

Let the Take Care Club Take Care of You

By Muriel DeAragon
Photo Credit: Muriel DeAragon
Decompress from Midterms with the Take Care Club

Halloween isn't the only spooky thing that happens in October. Midterms can be just as scary as the hash-slinging-slasher. This time of the academic year tends to sneak up on students, leaving them feeling drained, behind, groggy and frankly depressed. It is the dreaded part of the semester that puts one's feet to the fire and holds up a mirror that reflects how much work students have actually done since September. Being forced to write two papers and study for three midterms within a seven day time period makes one wonder how much they could have accomplished if they had worked at that pace from the beginning. "I'll do better next semester," many think to themselves, knowing all too well the old truism that is habits really do die hard.

"What makes midterms stressful for me is the increased work load in each class which accumulates into one giant workload that you likely dont have enough time for. All my midterms this semester are written essays or in class essays. It becomes very strenuous during this two week time period. It's title wave of work." -Ali Benzerara

If this scenaro feels all too familiar, join the newly created Take Care Club! Listen to the small voice within that pleads for self care, self love, relaxation and decompression. The Take Care Club meets every Tuesday from 14:00 to 15:00 in GR 23 on the bottom floor of the Grenelle building.  Lydia Wiernik and Isabella Papadimitriou will be there to aid one's hourly journey to tranquility (with healthy and mindful snacks). They will be bringing in yoga instructors, talking about meditation, meditating, stretching and generally promoting good vibes. They are also planning on organizing yoga in the park when the spring semster arrives. Take care of yourself by kicking off your shoes, grabbing a provided yoga mat and letting the Take Care Club take care of you. Don't be a stranger! All students are warmly welcomed.  

Photo Credit: Lydia Wiernik