Feb 18th, 2018, 11:54 PM

AUC is coming to AUP

By Moumi Camara
Image Credit: Unsplash/ Naassom Azevedo
The students of the American University of Cairo will be visiting AUP

AUP will be welcoming a group of 18 students from The American University of Cairo this week. Founded in 1919, AUC is a liberal arts university located in Egypt, like us, AUC is a vibrant and diverse institution. Landing on Tuesday, February 20, the AUC students will have a week worth of events before heading home at the end of the week. SGA has been planning their visit since January and has been coming up with activities and events for them to participate in. 

Image Credit: Unplash/ Alexandre Nilo 

How can AUP students help AUC students feel welcomed? 

While we share our campus with AUC this week the probability of meeting one of the visiting students is likely. The way to make them feel welcomed can be easily done by attending and participating in the upcoming events, as well as being inviting and open to discussion. If you're interested in socializing with the AUC students then make sure to come to these events happening this week, 

Tuesday, February 20- Black history month student talk, a discussion on issues faced by minorities in regards to politics, gender, class and their placed on campus. C102 (18h30)

Wednesday, February 21- "Difference in Context," led by George Marquis, student dean, and AUC students. C102 (14h30)

Wednesday, February 21- Workshops on leadership with SGA, Club Leaders, Student Media. C102 (15h30)

Thursday, February 22- Workshops on diversity, media, career, and volunteer ethics, with SGA, Club Leaders, Student Media. C102 ( 14h00) 

Thursday, February 22- AUP vs AUC trivia night in the Amex Cafe. (18h30)

Image Credit: Unsplash/ Jeremy Bishop 

Will this visit prompt more universities to come see our campus? 

"Hopefully! I think it would be great for our relationship with other American Universities because we all have similar education systems but our demographics, organization, and SGAs are all very different. So its good to learn about how their schools function and also a great opportunity for AUP you learn about AUC and vise versa. " says Maria Rodriguez, Senior Representative

Although there aren't plans- yet- about any future visits, having AUC on campus will be an opportunity for both universities to learn different perspectives on each other's cultures and background.