Sep 30th, 2019, 08:00 AM

Sophie Hong Celebrates Dualities

By Sabrina Aguirre
Sophie Hong Poses with Art on Opening Night of Dualities Image Credit: Sabrina Aguirre
Taiwanese Designer Launches New Exhibition

Taiwanese designer, Sophie Hong, celebrated the opening of her new exhibition, Dualities, on September 16th, 2019 at the AUP Fine Arts Gallery. Known for her elegant style, a fusion between occidental and oriental cultures, Hong is one of Taiwan's top designers. 

As a well-established designer both at home and abroad, Hong often travels to Europe and the United States to exhibit her pieces. An artist, sculptress, jewelry maker and fashion designer, Hong has a diversified portfolio which includes all types of work from drawings to sculptures to clothing. Specifically in fashion, Hong’s success has been so substantial that her creations have been featured in fashion shows during fashion week all over the world including in Milan, Paris and New York.

Art by Sophie Hong at Dualities Exhibition Image Credit: Sabrina Aguirre

"When I began presenting my creations overseas, I was the only Taiwanese insight. These days I am continually running into young compatriots enjoying great success at fashion weeks around the world."                              

Quote Credit: Sophie Hong via Taipei Times

As Hong walked through her exhibit revealing her new work, it was clear that when Hong makes a new piece, regardless of the medium, she pays close attention to the details. Materials, shape, design and color all matter. As one of the first Taiwanese designers to have had her designs worn on runways overseas, it is clear that Hong realizes how important it is to take into account all aspects of her designs.

Instrument at Sophie Hong's Exhibition Image Credit: Sabrina Aguirre

Not only does Hong want her pieces to fit modern-lifestyle, but she also wants to go beyond what is expected with refined design elements. Primarily, she is focused on eco-friendly, sustainable work and is pushing the trend for sustainable development of art creations. 

Fabric-dyeing is one of the main design elements Hong’s brand ‘Sophie Hong’ is known for. All individually dyed, her fabric-dyeing process is unique as it always uses natural fibers and fabrics.

"We must learn to retrieve and preserve such natural methods that we once acquired."      

 Quote Credit: Sophie Hong via Taipei Times
Guest Enjoy Sophie Hong's Exhibit on Opening Night Image Credit: Sabrina Aguirre

As the majority of Hong's most recent display, Dualities, is mainly art pieces, her newest exhibition involves many paintings, metals and sculptures. Her opening night not only saw an impressive turnout, but also left guests in awe with her latest creations.  

Sophie Hong’s latest exhibition, Dualities, will be running at the America University of Paris Fine Arts Gallery from September 16 - October 15, 2019. To see Hong’s latest work, visit The American University of Paris Fine Arts Gallery located at 6, Rue Du Colonel Combes, 75007, Paris.